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Our Story:
Over the last year my husband and I have talked several times about where our lives and marriage are today, versus just a few short years ago.
3 years ago we were struggling. Like really struggling. He had been away for work for 7 months and we had each learned to live without one another. So when we were finally all living under the same roof again it was HARD. We were still doing our own thing and going where we wanted when we wanted, without ever talking with each other.
We were in Roommate status. And one day it all came apart. We had both had enough and something had to change or we needed to go our separate ways.
We decided that we wanted to work it out and get back to Lover status instead of Roommate status. We stumbled and tried our best really not sure what to do or how to fix it. But we were both putting in a good effort.
During this time I had started on my own journey of focusing more on me, so that I could better help my family. I started with the intention of just losing some weight and getting a little more energy.
But in return I found a community, a new family of people out there that were going through the same thing as me. People who genuinely cared for me and for my family.
And thanks to that community of like minded friends that I had made, I was introduced to a book that changed our marriage. That really helped us find a way to come back to each other.
I convinced my husband to watch a video about a challenge group that my coach was hosting for couples that would be based off this book. He agreed and we joined the group.
That next month was a drastic change! We both actively participated in the challenge and read the book together.
Now I'm not saying we have a perfect marriage now. We still have our disagreements and sometimes our communication is off. But we now have the tools to talk to one another and better understand each other.
Because of this we now spend more time together and we go on Dates again. Even if that means our dates are working out together. We are spending that extra time together.
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