Brent Geisler (@djpoltergeis)

Had to head over to Shadyside to visit my new favorite record store "Red Rooster Records" #vinyljunkie #cratedigger #djlife #redrooster #andimack #vinyl

Anders (@dailypsychvinyl)

One last big weekend haul before 3 weeks of vacay in 🇺🇸 Handpicked originals and a mint Thorens td320 record player with fancy pick up. Some holy grails in there, some classics, some rare rock/punk stuff, some cheapies and lots of rare jazz.
I do this about once a month, some serious hours and miles behind this, but it’s what I do 🤓now I have to decide which of the 6 record players in my house that’s need to go, I’m getting out of space hehe #recordcollection #recordcollectionpost #recordsforsale #holygrail #thorens #vinylporn #vinyljunkie #vinyligclub #instavinyl #vinylcommunity #vinylcollectionpost #vinylcollection #vinyladdict #vinylrecords #recordcollector #dustyfingers #diggingthecrates #cratedigging #cratedigger

Hip-Hop Head (@jennyloveshiphop)

On December 10th 1996, Redman released his third album “Muddy Waters” on Def Jam.🔥🔥 #Redman #MuddyWaters

Quincy Carver (@quincycarver)

I step in Def Jam buildin' like I'm the shit. Tell 'em gimme fifty million or I'ma quit

Spinster Records (@spinsterrecords)

Happy Monday Everybody!
What better way to start the week off than to get started on those holiday gifts for your loved one, white elephant, secrete santa, and so on... We got you covered!😉👍 Ps. Our Holiday Block Bash is this Friday! That means more options for gifts ideas. Told you we got you covered. See you here!

@Xosu (@egg_bamyasi)

Gong - Gazeuse!
Virgin UK ( 1976 )

🦉💨WHITE OWL • CHICAGO & LA 🦉💨 (@whiteowlsworld)

Can’t wait to be back in Milwaukee tomorrow at @site1a !!! Come through and get tanked with us!

Efta Alu' Leau (@efta_leau)

It’s that time of the year when we are looking back at the most remarcable albums of the year. Starting this #skankingmonday will post some of the best releases of the year.
Steady 45’s with their second album, Trouble In Paradise! These guys are going traditional and they deliver a great set of ska & rocksteady tunes inspired by old jamaican times. Adding a touch of soul, they make sure you’ll spin the album over and over and never get tired of it.

Mickey (@mickey_spinning)

SalSoul Candidi “Samba Funk” (1980) latin funk flavas 💋