💁🏻 S o p h i e (@sophiecschimpl)

If only I could be with that guy right now. #crazycatlady

Susanne (@susbjorkq)

Vadå din säng ... jag ligger ju här ser du väl? #crazycatlady

FOUNDED 🌷 TEAM HEART & HUSTLE (@autumnbensettewellness)

💜 Family day is meant for lots of cuddles 😍🙌🏻 I'm so thankful that we rescued our babies 🙏🏻 - I mean .. Our local shelter did the tough part but knowing they're off the street, away from harm and in the arms of people who love them so much is everything.
Both times I didn't want a "grey" cat 😂🙈 but Penelope was so tiny and in a big cage in a dingy room - Phil was among a bunch of other kitties in a glass room and meowed as soon as Derek held him.
I think we both have pretty good intuition ☺️💕 They were always meant to be the ones who completed our little family regardless of color. They're so perfect the way they are and everyday I love them more and more!

Na Bueno (@na_buen)

Tudo vale a pena quando a #poltrona não é pequena (e é barata)

Veronica Lynn (@veronicalynn009)

When you're trying to apply for jobs on the computer. #crazycatlady #peanut #lifeofcats #amiintheway

chantelle (@chany1988)

My tia is patiently waiting for her brother toby to get out and have her turn in the box 😂 #crazycatlady #tabbycat #siblings #catsandemptyboxes #crazycats #modelcat