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Today it’s been exactly one year since my Human, @belle_helle_belle and I first met. Our story is quite unusual, but as you can see, we got along from the very beginning.
I had a really good life. I was living on the farm where my first Human grew up. She’d gotten me as a kitten, and at first I lived with her as an indoor cat in her small appartment. But when she had to go away for some periods, her parents took care of me at the farm.
Eventually, they let me out and I really enjoyed my freedom and for more and more unhappy with the travelling back and forth and the changing between being all indoor cat and being indoor/outdoor cat. So the humans decided that it would be best for me to live at the farm permanently.
And I did that for a while. Right until the humans sold the farm and had to move to a place where they couldn’t bring me. The people that had bought the farm were dog-owners - and I really don’t like dogs, so I wouldn’t have liked to stay behind. So they needed to find a good and loving furever home for me where I could get out and explore as I’d gotten used to.
And that brings me to my Human. She’d just moved into her house and after missing having a cat for about 20 years, she finally felt that the surroundings were perfect for a feline friend.
Her original plan was to adopt an adult shelter cat, but she never got that far.
During a visit at her family, she went to a flea market at a farm that had been sold. She got there pretty late, so there wasn’t many things left, but she found a cool cabinet with a built-in record player, that she liked. During the price negotiations, she jokingly said that if they had a cat, they could add it to the bargain - and to her surprise they said that they did have a cat that they really needed to find a new home for. And you guessed right, that was ME 😺
I had made myself invisible that day due to all the people coming and going. And the humans thought that it would be best if we met, @belle_helle_belle and I, before they made any decisions. So she came back the next day so we could be properly introduced.
I thought that she had potential.
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