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Up gan, segini aja✌🏻️

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Avery's been unbelievably grateful for the work space we provided for her - genuine gratitude that I've never seen from her before and it makes me so proud. She spends hours upon hours sitting in her new art corner just creating. It's been such a beautiful thing to see her in such peacefulness and contentment as she "works". #creativity #createdtocreate

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#denim👖 #desing #creativity cuando tu estilo es tu sello personal 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻❤️

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Random street art I saw on my adventures today. Dope architectural salvage place I visited for a creative project I'm working on. The guys inside were cool af too! xo dove #art #streetart #thesrwasin #sarasota #mural #architectural #gritty #creativity #cool #love #lovefromthedove

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Seriously the most organised my materials have ever looked.. until the creative flow this afternoon has a shower of wool hanging from the rafters and all over the floor 🙃 #inspiration #creativity #wearableart #handcrafted #colour #creativity #studio #materials #fibre #fiberart #textiles #wool #merinowool #handdyed #workspace #feltmaker #felting #artist #behindthescenes #fashion #craft #craftstudio #virgo

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🌟I have found the one whom my soul loves - The Song of Solomon 3:4🌟
When you have a strict no purchase of gifts for special occassions, you get creative 😉
The hubby's valentines gift minus the frame
I'm still working on my #brushlettering
Cant wait until my @tombowusa arrive!
#ShotsandSocks #doodle #Muscat #oman

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This past year has been a blessing. From being able to leisurely travel to so many places to having the time to handle family affairs without asking for days off from a job. I almost feel it is my responsibility to SHARE the opportunity that has allowed me financial freedom, the courage to start dreaming again & the sisterhood that has made me more loving, positive, courageous, fun & determined! ❤️❤️❤️ What if you could have the time and the resources to spend your days any way you would like? How would it feel to work hard now, live your passion & help others to create success for your future?
❤️❤️❤️ This coming month, I am going to mentor 10 new coaches. I'm keeping it SMALL so I can have one on one time with my newbies!
❤️❤️❤️ My mission is to help these coaches lay the foundation so that there is OPPORTUNITY for more FREEDOM in their lives...time with their families & eliminate the stress of living paycheck to paycheck! I am JUST as committed to your success as YOU are. I can promise you that. ❤️❤️❤️ So... if you want to: Make a little extra FUN money, Make $ to pay off DEBT. Help people and HELP YOURSELF stay accountable to healthy living, Be involved in an INSANELY positive community, GROW as a person, increase your family income to alleviate some of the pressure, PAY for vacation in cash or quit your 9-5, work from home, and earn 6+ figures.... ...this is an incredible shot at that. Stop wishing, wanting & wanting for things to change...and DO something about it! ❤️❤️❤️ I'm ONLY selecting the 10 most committed, the 10 that I feel match the culture of my team. Faithful. Driven. Passionate. Determined. Motivated. Coachable. Creative. Positive. If you want to apply for one of the 10 mentor spots, if you think this is a good fit for you... Message me to apply. I will personally send you over the requirements for those selected!! If you know someone who would be a great candidate tag them here!

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@hannybby ・・・
Super hair ni mafuta mazuri sana ya nywele yanasaidia kujaza nywele yanatoa mba,yanarefusha nywele na yanafanya nywele kua nyeusi na wale wenye vipara pia inasaidia kukuza nywele njoo ujipatie yako mapema 0713295858

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Today's scribbles will become tomorrow's works of art 🖍️️❤️
When I first gave Miss One crayons to explore, she spent her time picking them up and putting them down again. A few months later, she is making scribbles on the page. .
Key message here is that children won't always do activities as you intended so be patient and keep trying! .
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"Societal Beauty” by @jenecio currently on view at @havengallery's Inventory Wing.