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Holiday party in my old stomping ground! In the spirit...๐ŸŽ„#Chemistry #crimelab #fellowship #holidayparty #christmas2017

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[the flash - 4x07]
okay yโ€™all what would you like to see me post next on my account
a. more edits (just random edits by me)
b. my favorite video edits (reposted)
c. textposts
please comment and also comment anything else you would like to see
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Mike Newton (@armyofmike)

Took a special trip to the Fresno County Sheriff's Crime Lab with our Cub Scouts. Great visit, excellent investigators and fun learning for our Bears.
#fresnosheriff #cubscouts #crimelab #mykidsareawesome #fresno #fso #badboysbadboys

Nelly Miles (@nmilesgbipio)

#GBI agents + #crimelab provide updates on counterfeit pills in #Georgia to @wsbtv @markwinnewsb #opioids #PIOlife

Nelly Miles (@nmilesgbipio)

#Milestone! The CODIS database has been used to link criminals to various crimes. 6,000 hits is significant as it means more #forensic evidence to not only convict the guilty but also to protect the innocent. #truth #science #justice #crimelab

Catch you in a Flash. ๅทด้‡Œยท่‰พไผฆ (@metaezra)

Well, being the Fastest man alive in Central City is a bit challenging. Everyone is in need of a hero quickly... Even the normal life. Working on my father's case in the crime lab has come a long way and I think I can get him out. "Looks through papers and quickly glances up at a beautiful reporter" My wife, Iris and I have been working together in our Flash adventures along with her speeding nephew Wally West. Together we fight crime in Central City and keep it safe for everyone to walk out and enjoy this fast moving city. "Sprints and zig zags passed cars and people as I run to a burger shack" Don't talk about my sugar levels.. It's an issue that is very serious. "Bites into the burger" Thanks Jim. "Pays for the burger and sprints away" Then you have the supervillains who are either in teams to gang up on a hero not a single one of them can beat, or a solo act Psychopath who goes through time to kill the child version of you. "Ducks and slides across the ground as Professor Zoom throws electricity at me" Come on Thawne.. Professor Zoom- You will die Flash! "Gets uppercutted and flies backwards into the air"

Flash- This is the part where I imagine I'm in a comic book with the villain saying... "Imagines Professor Zoom falling in slow motion, screaming Curse You Hero!! I'll be back!" Wow Thawne.. For a man of the future, you're pretty bad at taking down an inexperienced fighter. "Sprints away" Oh yeah, can't forget to tell you about the awesome team I joined. I helped found this society that we have in space and all over the multiverse.. Ok maybe Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman did it more than the rest of us but let's move on to the part where I run towards the camera and yell... What a wonderful time of the Year!! Because Santa Claus is coming to town!!! Be cheerful.

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Itโ€™s ZUMBAlicious๐Ÿ‘ฎ๐Ÿปโ€โ™€๏ธ๐Ÿ˜…
#pawisanmoments #CrimeLab