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There is something about our Red Bombshell color that is fierce and fabulous. What’s not so fab is the thought of over processing your natural tresses with bleach in an attempt to achieve the same color. We handle the coloring and promote healthy hair growth so you don’t risk the health of your hair trying to achieve a temporary look. (Small 20 inch curls in Red Bombshell shown)

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New hair who is this??? LOVING my @mane_concept Afri Naptural Beach Curl!!!! Hair review will be up soon stay tuned!!!! Thank you Mane Concept so much!!! 💕💕💕
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Curls for days with Yoyokalon - Elastic Curl hair ➰ Available at your local beauty supply & online retailers.

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Marjorie @onceuponamarjorie in Kemorah Crochet Curls by @joriehair (separated vs intact). 2 looks one curl

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We were tired of hearing the horror stories. Customers getting burned by hot water after their stylists dipped their hair. We wanted to provide a safe alternative. One that wouldn’t leave you in the chair screaming because the steam was smoldering your scalp. That’s how pre-curled and looped hair came to mind. We were thinking of all of you. 📸@kiwithebeauty

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Give them something to talk about. Why spend triple to purchase multiple packs of hair to get a tricolor look, when you can buy one product that will give you three colors in one. @xaylibarclay has our Jumbo Crochet Box braids in “Smurf Blue” a little California love. Come shop with us!

Latched and Hooked Beauty®️ (@latchednhooked)

Big curls turn heads the most. Be a show stopper in our 20 inch large curls. Grab them by clicking the link in our bio.