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A little more action from last weekend @arnoldclassicau bringing Calisthenics to the people here in Oz💪🏼 @jamesmacris @muscle_up_mike @lind.slaaay @melbournecalisthenics @aussiestrength


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Téo (@teomotivation)

🇫🇷 Copain, je faisais tranquillement mon sport quand deux gars à côté de moi ont commencé à discuter de leur alimentation. Putain on aurait dit un exposé qu'on faisait en TPE sur les glucides. Alors 3 points.
1. Quand j'ai entendu glucides, j'ai rigolé parce que ça rime avec pyramides 😒😒 2. Je me dis que heureusement je ne fais pas de diet sinon je serai encore plus beau gosse que maintenant. Mais genre tellement beau que je pourrai intégrer les anges de TV réalité sans casting. Tu vois, le genre de candidats qui ont des dents encore plus blanches que les pots de peinture chez Castorama 😁😁 3. Franchement, respect à tous ceux qui suivent une diet super strict. Tu sais que je mange tout ce que je trouve et selon moi, les gens qui font ça emmène le fitness vers un autre level.
Oh putain, j'ai oublié de parler de mes TEOCREPES. Me suis encore perdu en écrivant 😒😒
Des bisous 😘

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Vanessa Yvonne (@staying_fit_for_me)

Completed the 17.4 open today in just under 17 minutes. I don't have a rower in my gym, so I ran on the treadmill until I burned 55 calories. Also, no wallballs so I substituted with 25lb kettlebell squats.
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Vanessa Brandão 🙋🏼 (@diasvan)

Helloooo 🙋🏼 .... Então, partiu para melhor hora do dia !? 🏋🏼‍♀️😍 . Aproveitando que a gente ainda está bonitinha pra tirar uma foto 😂🙄😒

HARRISON TUCKER (@harrison_nyc)

So incredibly grateful for all the guys in this photo. These are the brothers that keep me inspired to do what I do. Whenever I'm out on a long ride hurting, I know that they are out doing the same. That said, it's time for me to get back into the swing of serious training again. Its starting to heat up in the city and we have quite a few big races coming up. I'm feeling the urge to challenge myself again! The focus starts NOW!

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@sonali_swami - In training, you will face many challenges from time to time.
2 main ones are usually, firstly injuries and secondly equipment.

The key to continuous progress is to be able to work around your injuries and adapt or improvise to the equipment available.Here is an example of where I was facing both.👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼
First, I have a shoulder injury, which doesn't allow me to do normal dumbbell presses, so my trainer suggested to tuck my elbows in at the bottom and finish in a neutral position at the top. This immediately relieved me of my shoulder discomfort, and here you can see my dumbbell pressing 17.5 kgs, which I could never do without being in severe pain whenever I did it in a regular fashion.
Second, Training in my apartment gym where we only have very basic equipment !!
So, the benches we have, don't allow me to put my feet on the ground properly. So, to overcome, I simply do a variation of putting my feet up on the bench (and it also seem to help with my shoulder too) to overcome that.
The moral of the story is, always think about your training, and how you can overcome challenges and keep improving.
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