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195lbs backsquat x5reps & AMRAP power cleans, frontrack lunges, KB swings & wallballs 👌🔥🍗🍗 #26weekspregnant #crossfitpregnancy #crossfitpregnant #fitpregnancy 🤰🏻😊💪💕

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La felicidad es de las pocas cosas en la vida que son gratis y todos podemos tener! 💛Asi que sonríe! que con motivo, o sin alguno una sonrisa siempre te llenara el corazón a ti y a todos a tu alrededor! 😊 #Smile #Life’sLitteCoolThings #17WeeksPregnant #CrossFitPregnancy #Pregnant #FitPregnancy #SpanglishPost #BuWhoCares #Smile

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I am in love with our little ones nursery ❤️ It is coming together better than I imagined. I especially love our stuffed animal corner 🦒🐘🐻 the collection is definitely not complete yet 😉 Baby Weber has the most organized room in the house...well, for now!!!

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Se você já é crossfiteira e tem a liberação do seu médico, não só pode como deve continuar treinando!
Quer ler o artigo completo?
Vai lá na nossa página do face e curta nossas postagens. .
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I just can’t do bathroom selfies these days, plus my bathroom is RED, why have we not painted it in the last 3 years?!
40+1 today. I have sat around this week being overly cautious.
The result of that is restless legs and a cranky attitude, so we are off to assault bike it out.
Well.. not out but whatever. You know what I mean.

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Barbell work during pregnancy is it safe or not?

Here is some of what I learned from @brianna.battles course. •

The most important thing is to focus on strategy while pregnant. It’s also important to think of what this physical movement is doing to our evolving body (there are many changes that occur during pregnancy such as stretching of our transverse abs and pelvic floor, our diaphragm doesn’t move down as low as it would normally etc... so our core system changes dramatically to make room for our growing baby). •

The valsalva maneuver (holding breathe) while lifting contributed to Brianna’s significant diastasis recti. •

You don’t want to add pressure to an already existing high pressure system. So ask yourself. Is this exercise a risk to my body or is it a reward? (What you do now will either help or hinder your recovery postpartum).

Quality over quantity. If your body starts to fatigue around less reps than you’re used to, then it’s probably beneficial to stop because you don’t want your strategy to be compromised. Remember strategy is the most important.

Doing clean and jerks during pregnancy or other barbell movements during pregnancy will have huge implications on your form postpartum because you change your strategy because your belly is now in the way and then you have to unlearn this form postpartum and relearn a strong strategy. You don’t want to mess up your bar trajectory, look how long it took you to learn it in the first place. •

Always think “Is this a risk to my body or a reward? Why am I doing this exercise?” Look for coning of the abdomen, any incontinence, urge incontinence, heaviness down below, pulling of the abdomen, low back pain, hip pain etc. What you do now plays a huge role in how you heal postpartum.

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Training for 2! These are 3 of our 5 mamas due to have baby BOYS this summer, at 22 (@bernie_chavira), 23 (@mrs_koemans) & 25 (@jeneleven) weeks pregnant. 💙👶🏼👶🏼👶🏼👶🏼👶🏼💙
Because each pregnancy, each body, each day is different, we teach our moms a strategy for CrossFit that allows them to guide their workouts according to their body. Using breath, core connection, alignment, and symptom management, each momma can continue to CrossFit in a way that sets her up for long term strength and function! ➡️ This means we are reducing the risk of long term issues that are common to moms, such as incontinence and diastasis recti!! 💡 Learn more at our next Pregnancy & Postpartum Core Connections Workshop April 21! Register at (📍LINK IN PROFILE)

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So last week for 18.4 we saw some handstand walking and bear crawling as part of the Rx and scaled workouts. Again...two exercises that probably aren't the best choices for a #pregnant or #postpartum athlete, but that doesn't mean that you can't participate in the #cfopen if you are a #pregnantathlete or a #postpartumathlete...and you are feeling up to it!
Remember...just because it's going on right now doesn't mean that you HAVE to participate this year if your body and mind simply aren't up for it. There will always be next year!
Anyway, these are two of the many scales I gave to the moms in my group who participated in 18.4 last week:
Waiter's Carry - a great substitute for handstand walking
Front Rack Marching - a great substitute for bear crawling
What will 18.5 bring??
If you would like to receive more coaching like this to help you feeling supported as you participate in the #crossfitopen whilst pregnant or postpartum, then join us in the Lift Like A Mom Coaching Community where we will be breaking down every workout and talking about various strategies and tips to help you feel strong and confident about participating! Every workout breakdown is packed with LOTS of helpful substitutions and strategies.
Link to join: 🔸
Link also in profile

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Hey my lil 🍌
That belly is coming along nicely now 🤰🏻 your cooking away in there!
I feel your little movements more and more everyday and it’s the best feeling in the world 💕
Anomaly scan tomorrow, another chance for me and your Dad to see how you’ve grown little one 👶🏻
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#Repost @agnesjonsdottir
So thankful of having crossfit in my life 💙 I’m keeping my body and soul happy and healthy through this pregnancy 🤰🏼😊👌🏻🏋🏻‍♀️ Love what you do do what you love 💕 #crossfit #crossfitaustur #crossfitpregnancy #lovelife #17weekspregnant #17weeks #augustbaby2018 #stayhealthy

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So thankful of having crossfit in my life 💙 I’m keeping my body and soul happy and healthy through this pregnancy 🤰🏼😊👌🏻🏋🏻‍♀️ Love what you do do what you love 💕 #crossfit #crossfitaustur #crossfitpregnancy #lovelife #17weekspregnant #17weeks #augustbaby2018 #stayhealthy

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In Episode 4, @nanirocks_xoxo talks about her awareness of the baby during exercise. At Week 10, she still hasn’t had to modify anything. She is still strong as she hits a new personal record weight for cleans
Did you know: “Material Exercise during pregnancy increases offspring cognitive development well into adulthood (Robinson 2013)”
Follow Nohemi’s journey through pregnancy. Share with your pregnant or soon to be pregnant friends and families.
All episodes are here: .
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Episode 4
👶🏽 due date August 27, 2018

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Ignore the goofy angle and lighting...not a lot to work with filming myself today 🤪 This was part of the weightlifting portion of today’s workout. I’m 39weeks 4 days (due date in 3 days). This squat series was 3 sets of 3 reps 💪 I chose to keep the weight a little lighter and focus on maintaining control in the movement while still getting a good lift. I took at least 2 minutes to rest between sets. I was happy at how smooth everything felt. Mama will sleep well tonight for sure 😉

🖤B •R •E🖤 (@barbellbreandbabythree)

Create Balance.
Feed your Soul.
Fuel your Body.
Expand your Mind.
Strengthen Yourself.
Since the beginning of my journey. I’ve always been chasing a goal. It’s what has kept me going, craving, and wanting more.
Right now in this moment
I’m just being.
I’m being patient,
I’m being positive,
I’m being present in these moments.
Pregnancy is beautiful. You surrender your body and allow it to do it’s job.
You see yourself become strong not only physically but mentally. You become more aware of the time you and this precious little babe have.
So right now my goal is being the best version of me, mind and body.
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