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Our gorgeous Miss Kentucky Teen America crown and sash arrived today 👑 This is my 12th year serving as MKTA director and opening this box never gets old 😍 I can't wait to see who joins the sisterhood on March 10th!
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What a cutie chase looks in his baby grow 😍 order your set over on my etsy page or message me #babyboy#personalised#sleepsuit#crown#prince


Jankin wird heute schon 4 Jahre alt😱😊 Ich (Enya) habe ihn gekauft als er noch nicht einmal zwei Jahre alt war und jetzt hat er tatsächlich schon das dritte Mal Geburtstag, seit er zu unserer Familie gehört😳 Die Zeit fliegt nur so vorbei😂🙈 Mittlerweile ist er eigentlich genau genommen gar kein Baby mehr, er benimmt sich aber oft immer noch wie eines😂 Er hat sich in den letzten Jahren trotzdem schon ziemlich verändert, ich bin gespannt, was die Zukunft für ihn mit sich bringt und wir freuen uns alle (also seine "Pfleger"😂), ihn in seinem Leben begleiten zu können😊😍
Die Pläne, wann es mit dem Reiten weitergeht, werden immer konkreter, also ist seine nähere Zukunft erst mal relativ sicher vorgeplant😂
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Voting is now on for the regional finals please vote 😃 link in bio @junkkouture #fashion #gold #headpiece #crown #brace #spine #dresses

Pieces Of Light by emannyb (@emannyb)

Labradorite Meditation Crown
Phenacite, Hypersthene, Pietersite, White Azeztulite, Black Onyx, Moonstone, Brookite

The Crown of Magical Alchemy

During our first meditation with the Labradorite that was to be the central stone in this crown’s design, we were given a list of stones to ally with it. We were also given the crown’s name, which always metaphorically captures the design’s multi-level intention. The Crown of Magical Alchemy suggests that this tool is packed with both mystery and a highly specific purpose. Francis, who writes these descriptions, was not fully aware of the meaning of this name until the crown was completed and he was wearing it to attune himself to its overall frequency and meaning. It was only then that the words ‘magical alchemy’ began to become clear to him.
Alchemy is one of the oldest, and for some, the most spiritual of the sciences. The common understanding of alchemy as the attempt to transform lead into gold largely misses the true nature of it’s practice and purpose. What the practice of alchemy actually involved was deeper and more systemic purification and refinement of the alchemist him or herself. They believed, and we concur, that as the alchemist cleanses and purifies his own fundamental nature, he is then able to cause transmutative changes in the physical world as an act of purified will. Turning lead to gold was the outward demonstration of this inner transformation, not its purpose. It is clear from this that alchemy and magic are deeply related. Magic, used in this context, is the act of shaping energy and directing it through the will to manifest objects and experiences in the physical realm. Understood this way, we can see that the alchemist, through ever deeper levels of purification, sought to use the available energy unleashed through this process to create transmutative changes in the phenomenal world. This is precisely what is offered through dedicated meditation with this crown.


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