Mr$irCharles (@issamrsircharles)

Gooooooooooood tf morning INSTAFAM!!!! I woke up tf like this! ...With waaaay toooo much energy! Please have some if you need some! Anyway, make sure you take time out of your busy day to be free. I love you all to life, like $#!T. Peace & Blessings. -Mr.$irCharles #goodmorning #goodmorningpost #panda #desiigner #lol #dancebreak #dab #dablife #dabnation #lls #lmao #ctfu #mrsircharleschronicles

Tired 🍒 (@nachogaydorito)

Wow one of my own tweets for once
I'm still really upset and guilty because of what happened all I do is ruin things for people

🌿clara🌿 (@soyavanilla)

Greendot lunch with Megan today!!! Tbh my go-to lunch place recently because there's an outlet so near school 🤗 Got my usual combi (red rice, soya nuggets, broccoli & pumpkin!!!) apparently we have really similar taste preference which is so cool haha and the nuggets looked extra tempting today.... Anyway I signed up for rock climbing for an enrichment programme thing in school and it was a really fun experience though my arms are aching now 😹