Manal (@manalalrebh)

الأماكن كلها مشتاقة لك
كل شي حولي يذكرني بشي

Hi Stalker👀🙋 (@waldorf_titin)

elegance is elimination 👼

👸🏼Justine & 👸🏼Krystal (@thedesertmermaids)

Takin’ it easy in the Big Easy ✌🏻

mackenzie kibbe (@mackenziekibbe)

i ordered two gorgeous dresses & one lacy romper from @francescas today! that means spring needs to arrive by the time they show up in my mailbox because i am super antsy to wear them 💐 (ps: dresses & rompers are $30 at francesca's right now!) in the meantime, i am posting a picture from fall because i am sick & over posing in the snow 💁

Mont Carver (@montcarver)

[Nothing to say]