Rebecca (@artsybecca)

Celebrating the end of the term with some ME3! Kaidan and Shep are back together and it feels like coming home! ❤️
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Aaron (@aaronbydesign)

So it was late to happen but long story short I got a 5 year gift from work. My friend Cory made a mini me with a unicorn!!! Also got a amazon gift card but a UNICORN!!! #🦄 #unicorn #gay #youwillriseproject #shirt #pop #funko #custompopfigure #art #glitter #paint #artistfriends #art #workanniversary #5years

Jessica Gunn, Author (@jessicagunn248)

These guys just arrived 😍. Why yes, I do have a Pop figure problem. Especially custom ones. #funko #funkopop #custompopfigure #merlin #merlinbbc #kingarthur

Rebecca (@artsybecca)

Kaidan Alenko pop figure is done! This was a fun little project. After I made my fem shep, I just had to make another one! I used a War Machine CA: Civil War pop as a base body and a Silicone Valley Dinesh for the head. What really drew me to the head was he was darker, his hair was black as well as swooped back. Perfect! I filled in a small patch on the left side of the hair where he had a deep part to look a little more like Kaidan's hairline. For the armor, I used my X-Acto blade to carefully cut off the gun thing, and then cut down a few pieces that were sticking off of the armor. Then, I did an overall coat of black paint to cover the silver. After that was dry, I carefully and slowly went in with blue paint and a small detailing brush to fill in the blue parts of his armor. Then all I did was the white paint lines and the little yellow insignia on his chest. I wish that the lines were a little cleaner, but overall I am very happy with how he came out! Now my shep is complete with her LT 😘
@biowarebase @originalfunko #masseffect #kaidanalenko #custompopfigure