love_things_maker (@shop_of_warm)

#ручна робота
.... Цей милий єнот зігріє вас або ваших рідних в останні холодні дні цєї зими.

Для замовлення пишіть в дірект

Eiido...🙎🏽 (

#cute_animal حيوان لطيييف ينحب #رسمتي

Mαriα Bo (@mariabo_photos)

I have no idea what is he looking at every time with such dedication and surprise!! Hope no ghosts! 🙊😺👻

Lie (@danceswithdreamz)

Meet Oscar. Oscar is 4 or 5 weeks old. I met Oscar yesterday morning while I went out for a jog. We stumbled across each other outside od a construction site. It had been storming the previous night and I saw Oscar had spend it outside. He was dirty and muddy, alone and disoriented, and very hungry and scared. I asked the few households that were around if they knew Oscar, but nobody did. So I brought Oscar back to our room. Gave him some food and a shower. Today Oscar is tired. Yesterday was a big day. ♡