Downsey & 'Lil K (@2orangeguys)

***Mini rant. Bear with me.*** Okay. The AC was broken these past two days. Yes it was warm, but we had my favorite window open and I spent pretty much all day there and mom knows how much I love it. Well, today, they finally came to fix the AC and the man CRAWLED UNDER our house to do it. And he was very loud!!! I may have hid in the litter box for a minute and I know that's Little K's hiding spot but I didn't know what else to do, and it's not like it's just his!!! We share! So then Lil K comes in and kicks me out and I had to run to moms room but under the bed was loud, so I jumped up and laid in her lap, terrified. And I may have tracked a little poop on her bed. I don't think this is my fault and she said she's not blaming me, which is fine, but I feel like maybe it's her fault, for getting the AC fixed when it's totally not even that hot and my open window keeps it breezy and nice. Sigh. So annoyed ya'll. If there's yard work this week, I'm gonna lose my shit. 😾😾😾
<<<Rant over >>> #rant #ranting #overit #catio

TheHappyFrenchie (@reallyhappyfrenchie)

Pool time wif mine fremns. Did it firsts time. No problems.

✨🍀Brieanna🍀✨ (@brieanna.kelly)

Nice afternoon trip of multitasking and finally home with the new family member.
Meet @mr.bucklebunny😃 I am completely smitten!💚

Buckle Bunny (@mr.bucklebunny)

I've heard the term travel time and I think I'm experiencing it now! I'm in this fancy container and trying not to be too nervous.
#bunnyontheroad #travelingbunny

RSPCA Western Australia (@rspca_wa)

Congratulations Benji! 🎓 “Super proud of myself for passing my Stage 2 dog training. A big shout out to Kathryn and Dave from RSPCA WA dog  training - couldn't have done it without you. I'm still a hooligan but I've come along way! 😊”~Benji the Labrador

If your pooch could benefit from a little dog training, visit our website to find out more. #rspcawa #dogtraining #dogstagram #dogsofinstagram #lovelabradors #dogs #doggyschool #graduates #labradors #cuteoverload