This is a thank you appreciation post to my second mommy's for watching me this week! Side note: how could they say no to this face?!?

Dr. Gaylen Bartlett (@gbartlett44)

#StaxxPup waiting on his puppacino! He loved getting to hang out with the always friendly baristas & broistas at @dutchbroswestvalley

hutcherbald_dach (@hutchtheminidox)

I was scared without my brothers and sisters but my new mum and dad gave me a cozy bed and toys! #dachshundpuppy #cutepuppies #minidachshund

jennbrantmier (@jennbrantmier)

Everyone welcome Ms. Doc Holliday
We are debating between calling her Holli or Doc... What do y'all think?
#cutepuppies #puppy #puppylove #puppiesofinstagram

Ace Mai (@australianshepherd_ace)

I get the spa treatment every time after swimming in river water. A fancier Aussie skirt. 😜