Paçoca 🐶 (@pacoca_bulldoga)

Já pode sair? 🙈 auchei que sexta-feira era pra ser divertido. Tive minha primeira auaula de natação, gostei não. 😒 prefiro sofa.

Samantha Gaymer (@samantha_gaymer)

Poor baby girl had a rough recovery from her spay surgery. But shes enroute with @n.gaymer5678 to join us in Barrie to cheer on her big brother May.❤️. #englishspringerspanielsofinstagram #cutepuppy #seeyousoon

Bark & Tails (@barkandtails)

I hope everyone is having a great day! 😍
📸: @gunther_thefrenchie

Callie 🐾 (@cockapoo_callie)

Only one way to keep cool in this weather.... ice cubes! ☀️☀️

Schnoodle Storm (@schnoodle_storm)

Happy Friday!! Nap Time!!