🐾 Rosie the golden 🐾 (@rosie_and_furends)

#tbt The day my humans came to select me from my siblings to live in their forever home. I am 6 weeks old in this picture. My Mama was so happy and she loved all of us. She played with us and liked meeting my older sister Fudge (see older pictures). She picked me as I went to her and my other humans. I think my Mama would have taken me and all my siblings if she got her way. 😂😂

Stella Bell (@stella_the_co_coton)

I'm very proud of that 6 inch hole...it's my best hole ever!! #cotondetulear #cutepuppy #happydog #cutiepie #naughtydog #messypuppy

Louie the Havanese (@hava_louie)

Wet beard, don't care!