🌿 ϲ ɑ ե ҽ + i ӏ ɑ 🌿 (@cateandila)

This little on-month-old 🥜 slept from 10pm to 4:30am last night! That 6.5 hours was heaven! Our sleep training seems to be working pretty well. One of the key things for us seems to be to nurse every 2.5 to 3 hours during the day and nap in between! When Banx seems hungry sometimes after he's recently eaten, I know a good swaddle, a pat on the back, and maybe some white noise will do the trick to put him down! How's it going for you, mamas? Ila and I want to hear! #mamaskeepinitreal #cateandila

Anna 😘 (@annabanana7713)

❤️ Love this little man so much. #nephew #cutestbaby

Prachi arya (@_prachi__arya_)

#cutestbaby #Tanya 😂😘 soo k uth k aa gai thi 😂
M luking pretty

soapsterr (@soapsterr)

When you look and feel like death but then you look at this lil boys face and you can't even be angry about it #smitten #thiskidstolemyheart #emotionalwreck #cutestbaby #JWJL #sleepdeprivedmama

Jojo's Bootique (@jojosbootique)

Sweet dreams little chicken. 😍😍😍