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Prayers and donations needed for this baby please read story 🙏🏻 #Repost @updatesforanimals
SOOOO happy to hear she is doing better! This beautiful girl is FIGHTING & we must fight with her! Please DONATE to the wonderful rescue that stepped up for this angel...her vet bills are mounting!! Thank you Rescue Dogs Rock NYC for giving this girl a chance! PayPal is Keep fighting sweet baby girl! Swipe to see more update pics...but, warning, the final photo is her intake pic 💔🙏🏼❤️#Roxystrong #fightroxyfight
From @rescuedogsrocknyc FB: Roxy's Saturday!! 🎉🎊🙏🎈🐾🐶 We have the most amazing update!!!! Roxy is doing well after 5 or 6 transfusions, blood & plasma, & is being taken off IV today & switched to oral meds as she is eating & drinking well!!! Her bleeding has stopped & her clotting factors are close to normal!!! They will check her clotting numbers again this evening, but it looks like this baby is almost ready to go home!!!! Her cherry eyes will need surgery, but not until she gets stronger.
The doctors assessment now based on her condition & all we know about Roxy is that all this was caused by strangulation coupled with heatstroke (as opposed to rat poison or other possibilities) & her swelling, edema, anemia, bleeding & neck issues are all resolving! Bulldogs because of how they breathe can get heatstroke in 80 degrees & we do believe Roxy was outside. She was filthy & smelled terrible when we picked her up from the NYC ACC on Monday morning.

This dog is very special & she's absolutely amazing, so we are seeking the best home possible for her!! Roxy is about 4 years old & 43 pounds. to apply for miss Roxy! 🙏🐾🐶🎉♥️🎈🙏 #adoptables #roxy #cutiepie #sweetgirl #crueltysurvivor #survivor #animaladvocate #animalliberation #voiceforthevoiceless #happynews

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Feeling better today. At least she is eating more. #pizza #cutiepie #pizzadinner #digiorno