Teacup Brownie (@teacupthedachsie)

Guarding my sister's room at school from those Marist foxes I keep hearing about!

Bilbo The Dachshund (@bilbothedashinghound)

Time for some bedtime reading 📖

Jake the Doxie (@jaketheminidoxie)

Leaves are soooo yummy 🍂 plus mom told me not to eat them so I had to do it :p

ADAM LAMBERT (@addytheween)

Mom caught me standing on the end table... it's the only way I can see outside 👀#shortlegs


Когда случайно нашел коробочку от рафаэлок и вдруг она всем понадобилась. #такса #dachshund #sausagedog #dachshund_feature


Off to doggy school in my new coat! Not sure how I'm going to behave for my mummy's!! #dachshund_feature #dachshundsrule #dachshundscotland