Our Dachshund Family! (@choc.cream_dachshunds)

Do you wanna win some awesome new treats??
We have teamed up with @yummipet to release their new treats.
All you have to do is give them a great name!!
They are made of dried beef trachea filled with liver and lung.

🌸 D A I S Y 🌸 (@littledaisydachshund)

Hump day feels. Refusing to get out of bed so I'm just going to sulk... 💤

🌭The life of Chester🌭 (@chester_thedachshund)

Excuse me but, how am I supposed to get out of the car?? 🤔

Dachshunds Of NYC (@dachshundsofnyc)

This little #wirehaired boy is 7 months old but we were so busy trying to get a good photo (we still haven't mastered getting great photos at night) we forgot to write his name down! But he is too cute!! #dachshund #puppy #puppylove #doxie #doxieobsessed #sausagedog #wienerworshiper #instadogs #instapet #blackandtan #dachshundsonly #dachshundappreciation #dachshundsofinstagram #featuremydoxie #dachshundnetwork

Miss Bella & Master Bailey (@bella_and_bailey_the_dachies)

Already to hit the road for our trip home. Only problem is @bruin_the_dachie thinks he coming too!
#roadtrip #goingtomissyou #humpday #bella #bailey #bruin
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HopeđŸļ💕 (@_hope_the_mini_dachshund_)

Good night everyone xx

Free Spirit Pups Šī¸ (@free.spirit.pups)

Happy first birthday, Finn! 💋🎂🎉🎈You are such a handsome boy and we absolutely adore you! Thank you so much for sharing this precious picture with us. 💋

Mildred the Sausage (@mildredthesausage)

They've done it again. The fancy dress box is out. Who else has parents that do this to them? #callthepolice

Gizmo (@gizmo_the_gr8)

Garrrrr. I better get extra bacons for this. #tot #toothsouttuesday