Dachshund Tribe (@dachshundtribe)

Don't worry, I'll tell ya when you can stop rubbing my belly😂😊😬 from @mayathedox ❤️
#dachshundtribe to be featured!

🌸 D A I S Y 🌸 (@littledaisydachshund)

Will the real slim shady please stand up? 👊🏽 #gangstaween

Chester 🐶🐾 (@chesterthesusejdog)

Evening snacks.. Dawg damn I lurve me some carrots!🎯 Apologies for sounding like a threshing machine btw but, u know, u've gotta get involved with it ant ya 😬😁🐾🐶❤️

Wiener Dog World 🌍 (@wienerdogworld)

"There better be a heated towel waiting for me once I get out of this tub of torture!" 🛀💦 #dogthoughts #bathtime #WienerDogWorld 🌎
Photo 💛 @dachshundfam

Nalu (@nalu.naluu)

'The cirrrrrrrrrcle of liiiiiife' ✨🦁🙌