MOSES the black lab (@sweet.moses)

They keep calling my 👶🏻 sister an angel... I literally had to show them this picture to remind them who the real sweet 👼🏻 is around here. 🐶

Teddi Gerardis (@teddi.retriever)

When you’re told you’ve got 11 days to get off the naughty list or you’re getting coal for Christmas. #prayforted

Ella (@goldengirl_ella)

Life’s always better with a friend! 🐕💕

Augustus🐶 (@adventures_of_augustus)

Hey fur friends! Sorry I haven’t posted in the past few days, my mom has been busy with final exams at school while I have been busy sleeping. I hope everyone is having a good week so far! Mom said I get to go to the dog park tomorrow 😈❤️🐕

khione 🐶 (@keepingupwithkhione)

Why, hello there here hooman

Teddi Gerardis (@teddi.retriever)

I have 4 arms, mum you have two.. why do you need 10 @christianpaulwatches watches?

〰️ MICKEY ☁️ FLUFFERTON 〰️ (@mickey_flufferton)

Guess who farted? No of corse not this fluffy butt 😬🤫 #mickeyflufferton

Team Fox Red 🦊 Daily Features (@teamfoxred)

🎅🦊Reminder! #TFRAdventCalendar2017 🦊🎅
"We're half way throughout advent calendar and boy has it been good fun so far! You guys are helping us to count down to Christmas in style. Don't worry if you haven't joined in yet, there's still time!
. 🦊🦊follow @teamfoxred and use our hashtag #teamfoxred to join the pack 🦊🦊

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Wolf Ryder (@wolf_ryder)

SQUAD. My bum is a better view for this picture okay👍🏻✨✨✨ It’s a sight for sore eyes.

Teddi Gerardis (@teddi.retriever)

When you dig a big hole in the yard but still get treated to a frosty fruit by ya mam cause it’s hot as balls outside #naughtyboy #treatyoself