Henri Lintula (@henri.lintula)

Here is two reason why i am more than happy to cut down to welterweight in the future aswell😂 Thanks for the rounds @glennsparv88 & @veghattila 🙏 #mma #wrestling #thailand #damnmonsters

Cc Faye Callahan (@cc_call8)

We are the Epitome of a PowerCouple, we ARE your Mother-Heckin' "couple goals" !
In a competition where the Club Standard is 500lbs for females, and 1000lbs for males, you know my Badass Boyfriend and I had to over achieve; pushing out 600+ for me, and Sebastian was just a hair shy of fucking 1500lbs finishing at 1450lbs!!! I'm so unbelievably proud of him, this Handsome Son of a Gun! 👱🏼‍♀️💪🏼👨🏼💕

#couplegoals #fitcouple #HesMassive #damnmonsters #deploymentgains #600lbsclub #1200lbsclub #lotusleggings #militaryfitness #militarymuscle #catshirt #swolemates #DamnHesFine #PowerOfTheDragon

Jennifer (@sweetpea84)

With the weather being so damn hot this week this has never been more true. Loving the weather but looking forward to a cool down
#yyc #canada #heatwave #truth #sohot #cantsleep #damnmonsters

Marie-Eve (@marie_westfield)

I put him to bed at 7:20pm tonight.
He got up about 15 times. Scared of monsters. In between, I sang 4 songs, read 2 books, and he still wouldn't let me go.
Finally, at 8:15 I let him crawl into our bed. Didn't like it either. At 8:35pm he came back downstairs, gave me a hug, and never got back up!
#sometimesallyouneedisyourmama #iwannastaylikethisforever #damnmonsters #mamasboy

jamel (@dpunisher26)

There is one who can stop anything I do and he is only 4 yrs old

J E N N 💜 (@jenned8)

Oh, goodness. This little guy. I kept hoping his momma would appear, but that doesn't seem likely.
I first saw him Sunday night, under the front porch in a leftover gutter/drainage piece.
Around 5'ish in the morning, I heard him crying. So I crawled under the house wearing a headlamp and using my phone flashlight to find him. He was pretty far back in some exposed insulation. Even though it was creepy AF under there, I kept crawling towards him.
About 3 feet away, I could hear him purring. But I couldn't get any closer due to pipes. So he came to me. I cleaned up his goopy eye, ground up some cat food with almond milk and returned him to under the porch before going to work. This isn't the first time we've discovered kittens, so I hoped the mom would return during the day.
Came home, he greeted me, followed me, cuddles and purrs when I pick him up... so he's on kitten milk replacer and wet kitten food, had his first bath and seems to be thriving. Last night he and Tiny Dancer played pawsies under the door.
Still not sure what we'll do with him... but he seems to like me. Damn monsters.

Clarissa Urbina (@thiiiisgirl__)

😳Start yelling at the top of my lungs "who found mommy's stash ???" 😂😂 #ohshit #thefuckery #damnmonsters

Alyssa Bird (@alyssa.bird2014)

The red and the toys are monsters, the bule and the characters are the good guys and they are surrounding us in a cave! Our health is dwindling most of us are out of spells. This is scary! #DandD #dungeonsanddragons #nerd #scary #damnmonsters #geek

Buddy The Pug (@buddy_the_pug_10)

"Hey honey, anything good on tv?" "Nah, nothing special". #pokemongo #tv #raticate #howdidyougetinhere #damnmonsters #pokemon

Staci Craig (@_mountain.momma_)

m o n s t e r s // this kid is obsessed with monsters. he wants to watch them. he wants to play pretend monsters. everything is monsters. " mom, monsters downstairs". " mom, monsters bite my toes". and now monsters are keeping me & daddy up all night with a crying child who won't stay in his bed. he insists on having the lamp on & the door left open at bedtime. shortly after putting him down, he sneaks out of his room and wants loves. tonight after dinner hoven was telling jory about the monsters in the basement. jory quickly replied that he told the monsters to leave. hoven took that in and thought about for a min. then looked at jory and asked " monsters leave? ", jory told him yep, they're gone. hoven then replied with his newest two year old phrase, "why"? we ended the conversation emphasizing over and over that we told the monsters to leave and now they are gone. no monsters are in our house. tonight a certain little boy didn't sneak out of his bed for loves and why I am happy that he went to bed easy tonight, i really missed the snuggles. 😢#momproblems #nightlyview #tendermoments #daddysnuggles #damnmonsters #ilovehisloves #andhissweetlittlevoice #begonemonsters #maybewewillallsleeptonight #lovethisboy #hovenlynn @jorydee

Heidi Benavides (@heidibds)

🌪️👻 #damnmonsters #hatethem But now the sun shines, so brilliantly ✨☀️✨