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Esto es lo más cerca que estoy de traerme a mi mamá en la maleta 👸👸

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These photos of the Gorgeously talented Monica beautifully slaying with her children are life. 😍😍 @monicabrown - Even in the face of adversity, I stand firm on what I believe in & stand strong for who depends on me❤️When people tell me what I could've done, I tell them I did what I Wanted to... If my heart wasn't in it, neither was I.... THAT I'm proud of... #M.B. #MyKidsMadeMeBetter ... 💄: @officialsheiks 📷: @mrdblanks 💇: @deedeemetzger
Colored by: @touchedbyjuels
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Baby girl 👶🏼and I took a little time this afternoon to meet up with my dad because...well WE CAN! That's the big bonus of being your OWN boss! We can plan our day so we can create experiences and meet up with important people! 💜She fell asleep on her way home so I'm utilizing this time to check some messages 👍🏼 I know that we can ROCK this business so we can 1️⃣pay off debt 2️⃣have the freedom to go on vacations 3️⃣inspire people to be their best selves! You TOO can have these successes! You TOO can be your own boss! If you are stuck in a job that you don't love and wish you could create you OWN schedule, there's GOOD can!!!! Or if you're like me and wanted to be in the same community as other stay at home moms working towards the same goals as you...YOU CAN do this! I wanted to utilize my time at home for something that CAN benefit our future! Don't let your fears get in the way! Private message me or comment below if this sounds like 👉🏼👉🏼👉🏼YOU!!!! #momboss #stayathomemom

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Вы уже решили как проведёте выходные? Если нет, то 24-25 у вас есть прекрасная возможность попасть на грандиозный образовательный фестиваль от журнала "Мамин / Папин" 🌱Вас ждёт более 10 лекций от ведущих экспертов
🌱Выступление топовых спикеров таких как Лариса Суркова, Вита Шувалова, Ольга Маркес, Надежда Степанова
🌱Так же вас ждут: творческие мастерские, лаунж зона и книговорот, увлекательный квест и ярмарка уютных товаров ❤️ 🌱Вход по предварительной записи на сайте, ссылка в шапке профиля @mamin_papin_journal
🌱Дата и время: 24-25 с 10:00-18:00
🌱Место провидения: Даниловский Event Hall, Дубининская улица, 71стр5
#privetmalish #mamin_papin_journal ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

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Awwww my #number2 #daughter Millie 6 years ago x