Jenny (@lego_bird)

Day 2 - I the magician
This card on the surface looks all very innocent doesnt it? .... a girl playing dress up as a jungle animal.... only shes not all girl...shes part big cat in the legs and she also has a tail. If you look at her face she is sporting cat ears. Her human side is wearing an animal print dress and she is holding a rather long pole with an animal/cat mask. Sounds like a fashion show! ... Well shes no model...shes the magician making a transformation and ready to manifest creativity. Now i looked up the animal print dress and it looks very much like a its just a crafty little nod to say there is some trickery involved.... well shes trying to fool us into thinking shes a cheater i guess...and shes trying to fool little bird in a cage that shes a good girl. The pole in her hand ..... or should i say wand with the mask is the last part of the transformation...and as shes holding it in front of her face she is looking through one eye hole of the mask and one human eye...the animal eye is her left eye..... sinister i do believe .....again a hint of something not right. Anyways back to looking through the mask she has the view of two worlds im thinking compassion vs cruelty??? Or perhaps shes getting a different perspective on the situation at hand.At the side of the girl/cat ....again to her left on the animal side is a cage with a red bird in it. Nothing else in the room. Now the cage is interesting. Is it keeping the bird captive....or is it keeping the bird safe? Well the bird is red. Red of course represents passion, seduction, violence and DANGER!!!!!! Birds represent inspiration and while the cage is locked tight we could say we were surpressing our creative artistic sides ...... if we free the bird we give freedom to our thoughts, ideas and inspiration to manifest.....but by freeing it, it comes at a price...

Jarvis & Betty Cocker (@jarvisandbettycocker)

I am a very happy doggy! That's because I've been treated like part of the family ever since I arrived at my forever home aged 12 weeks. I am one of the lucky ones and this is #daytwo of our #happydoglife challenge against animal abuse. Today we tag our good friends @maddie_and_family and @kinggeorgethelhasapoo to spread this important message by making 5 posts in 5 days and tagging 2 friends with each post 🐶🐶❤️

Seisei Tatebe-Goddu (@seiseigoddu)

The long arc of history bends towards justice and equality, but not inevitably. #womensmarch #daytwo #wearejustgettingstarted

Guy Atlas (@guyatlas)

Empowered women, empower women. 🇺🇸 @burnt_breakfast #RiseUp #DayTwo

holbishop (@holbishop)

Would absolutely love to be in DC or London right now marching with the masses to make way for the future everyone not only needs, but deserves. Hopefully I'll never get the chance to march in a women's rights march. Hopefully 2017 will be the last time the masses have to come together just to be heard.

anniebrobst (@anniebrobst)

Sleigh rides or hay rides, Billy? @southiedrums The things we do on our off hours. ⛄️❄️#Woodstocknh #doublefeature #daytwo

Sans/Gazzy/Toby/Haven=he/she (@sans.squad)

Ok this sucks like A LOOOT but oh well. I couldn't do the eyes right so I made this into a chibi. Well here is day 2 for the oc challenge! Anyone tagged in this photo are the people I owe art too!
Everyone's art will be drawn today! Maybe not finished cause I'm going out but it will be drawn :) #art#digital#digitalart#cat#oc#colored#occhallenge#daytwo