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When narwhals attack 💕

Melissa (@thatflowermom)

Motherhood is finding all of your window sills transformed into parking lots. ❤️

Joslin Brorsen (@joslindee)

Confession: we have already put up 3 of our 4 Christmas trees. (At the beginning of November). I was going to pretend we put them up at a normal time and not post until after thanksgiving, but.... look at that face. They make us all so happy! Tell me friends, are you a before or after thanksgiving decorator!?!

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E L I Z A B E T H J O N E S (@elzbethmarie)

I am a woman who was raised by women. I didn’t have a brother or any man that I was particularly close with throughout my childhood and it left me afraid to have a son. I was afraid I wouldn’t know how to bond with a boy. I was afraid I wouldn’t be good at being a mother to a son and now I have this little boy and loving him and being his mama is the most natural and wonderful thing I can imagine. It’s like he was a part of my destiny all along. 💙 Austin Reed, you are almost 2 and yet still I struggle to find the words to explain how I feel about you. I am overwhelmed by love and pride every time I think of you. You make this mama’s heart so full and so happy. You are everything I never knew I needed and being your mama is easier than I could imagine! Thank you for showing me places in my heart that I didn’t know existed! I love you endlessly my Austin Boy!

Zo'e Fraley (@aloha.zo.weddings)

Wanna good snap of the family reunion this holiday season? Book a session. This session was so fun! Is it crazy with little ones wanting to run amuck? Of course! But trust me. I love the laughs and I’m not afraid to get down in the sand with the little ones 💙💙💙

Holly Newman (@hol_newman)

Grace bear had her first ever dance recital today! She had an absolute blast on stage and we definitely have a little diva on our hands. She also got her first ever trophy! 🏆

🌿 Terra | Motherhood Blog (@loveandlarock)

Winter is pretending to “help” me get ready with @evahairnyc sorbet dryer and straightener (don’t worry, electronics aren’t on). She kept saying “ohhh pretty” mama. .
And mama’s happy because the ceramic plates radiate far-infrared heat locks in moisture, softens hair and adds shine! #helloimeva #evanyc #target (get yours exclusively @target)! {sponsored}

Spectrum Inspired (@spectrum_inspired)

Arden is and has always been a child of routine. Things have an order to them and things have their place. This is the top of Arden’s dresser. To the untrained eye it looks like a bunch of random toys sporadically placed but nope. The cars have to be lined up and up against the book bin next to the blue toy trash can. The airplane needs to be the book end of books and the wing needs to touch it just so. The yellow mushroom princess has a front row seat always on the right hand side corner. Every night. Adjusted. Just so. 💙
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Family on Purpose (@thatrogersfamily)

Our video, all about Ezekiel, is finally ready! The link is up in our profile. His check-up brought some unsettling news, but we know where our strength lies. Love you Ezekiel!

A P R I L (@aprilreedphotography)

This girl turns the big 2 on November 23rd! 💛

Mere Street (@merelstreet)

Arlo has decided he’d like to give acting a go, and so we’ve been taking some photos for his portfolio - when we saw this wall at a skatepark this morning we decided to get one of him there, and the other two kiddos had to get in on it too ❤️ happy Saturday!

Zurry Donevan (@zurry)

Day 301/365: Last outdoor family session for the year. (minus the xmas family minis) 2017 has been an amazing year for my photography business and loved seeing it grow so much. I can't wait to share some exciting news in the new year! I am no longer accepting any more sessions this year but I encourage you to book a 2018 date. Thanks for all the love and support over this past year. #zs3652017

Audrey Lynne (@thepools)

🍂🍁🌿6 lbs, 14 oz of pure sweetness 🌾🍁🍂