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This @embryolisseuk Lait-creme concentre saved my winter skin today! Transformed it from being dry , cracked and red to glowy and healthy!
Ps meet Jeff, isn't he great 💛

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First AM skincare step was a trio I mixed up in my palm:
🦋 Skin Biology 7% Copper Tripeptide Solution
🌸 Heritage Lavender & Glycerin Spray
I like to wake up with some antioxidants and barrier-repairing agents first thing. The copper tripeptide needs to be diluted before application, the SDSM2 provides the perfect antioxidant-heavy carrier, and the lavender spray helps me stretch it, since the first two products are 💵
I combined the three in my palm and pressed the mixture in like an FTE, then I proceeded to my first hydrating toner.
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🌵PM routine 🌵 Hi! This was my last pm routine. I’m trying to keep my skin hydrated these days close to period.. but is SO hard :( now I want the Jordan Samuel hydrating serum! (I should be millionaire!) ▿

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➕ #theordinary buffet.
➕ #klairs rich soothing hydrating serum.
➕ #sesderma Azelac Moisturizer gel.
➕ #alkimi CINCO oil.

🇪🇸🌵Rutina de noche 🌵 Hola! Esta fue la rutina de noche que hice ayer, estoy intentando centrarme en hidratar lo más posible mi piel estos días que tiende a deshidratarse por estar cerca del periodo. Ahora quiero el Serum hidratante de Jordan Samuel .. debería de tocarme el cupón de navidad... xdd

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Happy Thursday!

AM skincare brought to you by:

@skinmedica Facial Cleanser
@clinique Even Better Essence Lotion
@niod CAIS
@deciem The Ordinary Niacinamide + Zinc used just on pores and nose
@deciem Buffet
@biossance Squalane + Peptide Eye Gel
@dermalogica Solar Defense Booster SPF 50

Frustrating skin day today. Skin looked pretty good when I woke up, just a little more oily than usual. Went through my skincare routine thinking I was hydrated and balanced....then came my makeup. My skin looked pretty bad on certain areas of my face. I haven’t changed anything makeup-wise so I know it’s not that. Severe dry patches and flaking skin around my nose and pores, which is the only place I use niacinamide. This is not an area I get dry patches normally. I’m taking a break from daily use of TO niacinamide and switching to every other morning.

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🌸 Giveaway + Fun Alert 🌸Ahhh, here is something else new by Sevi that is totally vegan, raw, whole plant derived, preservative free, organic, cruelty free and micro batch crafted! See that adorable bottle leaning on our Chia Seaberry skin hero? Great, now here comes the fun part. ✨ 👉🏽 This new limited edition skin drink has an ingredient that starts with the letter H, the first person to guess it correctly and a friend of their choosing gets one of these (and incognito) delectable skin hydrating gems as a gift. Good luck! Ready, set, go! 🌟🌸

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Morning skincare for this snowy Thursday ❄️
🌟 @caudalie Vinoperfect Essence (on a @shiseidocosmetics cotton pad and decanted as a mist #dehydrated)
🌟 @biossance Eye Gel
🌟 @olehenriksen Truth Serum
🌟 @herbivorebotanicals Lapis oil (favorite oil right now 💜)
🌟 @belifusa Moisture Bomb
🌟 @drunkelephantskincare Tinted Sunscreen (doesn't leave a white cast on my skin! 🙌🏾)
🌟 @renskincare Anti-Pollution mist 🌟 @freshbeauty Caramel lip balm

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Mahalo mood this morning.
🧡 Unveil
🧡 Petal Mask
🧡 Amly Digital Detox Mist (np)
🧡 You Skincare Essential Hydration Serum (np)
🧡 Revitalise & Glow Serum
🧡 Elixier
🧡 Mahalo Balm
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🌵 #alkimiSkin CINCO oil #haul 🌵 Another product that #instagrammademebuyit to be more exact @aboutliahyoo 💚 First at all, this is not a review, I’ve not tried it enough, but I just wanted to share it with you :) So! if you want a complete review, surfs the instagram and you will find a lot of (good?) review :) .
🌵 What it claims: This is a interesting blend of great oils like: RedRaspberry oil, Cranberry oil, Watermelon oil, black cumin oil, blueberry oil, rosehip oil, pomegranate oil, tamanu oil and vitamin E.
Some of these oils have a high levels of essential fatty acids like Omega-3 and Omega-6. This blended oil has been carefully formulated to provide you the following benefits:
. ★ It gives to your skin a lot of nutrients: Vitamin A, C, B1, B2, B3, Folic Acid, Phytosterols and Flavanoids to restore radiance.
★ Hydrate and boost your moisturizer.
★ Repair and protect agains environmental stressors and pollution.
★ Anti-Microbial. It fits perfect in acne-prone skins.
★ Calm and soothe irritated skin.
★ Rosehip and Tamanu oils are amazing regenerative oils. They’re used to heal faster the scars and blemishes. They also works brighten and firming the skin.
★ Gives you a natural and healthy glow.
🌵 First impression: I cannot talk so much about it yet, I received it yesterday and I’m in the second use, but (atm) it didn’t break me out or clogged my pores. I read that it congested liar’s pores, because tamanu oil, but as I said, at the moment, I’m fine using it. I’ll do a review in some weeks :) Stay tuned! Because #CincoFacialoil looks so damn good! What is your fav skin #oil? .
🌵🇪🇸Spanish at comments ☛

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➕ #DECIEM Haul ➕ Aww!! I was so EXCITED to receive this parcel from @deciem !! I’ve been using #theordinary for so long, it was one of my first post on my blog (actually the most viewed) and I promise I’ll update it after use these new products in a weeks. Let’s go with the haul! (the review of each product will be in 2-4 weeks).
🐒 #theordinary squalane oil (not squalEne)- omfg! I’ve tried numerous of amazing oil but this one claims to be the perfect one (not blended) I would love talk so much about it but it may took the whole post (I will do it later) So it’s main benefits are: Moisturize, is an excellent moisturizer that leaves the skin hydrated, plump and soft. Prevent irritation, it is not comedogenic, Regulate excess of oil production, Soothe, Fight bacteria, protects from oxidative damage. A-ma-zing. Right?.
🐒 The Ordinary - Buffet - Recommended for so many people, the super Anti-aging serum💪🏻! Formulated with: Syn-ake. matrixyl synthe, mateixyl 3000, argirelox, hyaluronic acid, amino acids, bio-derivates. It boost the hydration; works on fine lines, wrinkles; and with textural irregularities.
🐒 Glycolic Acid 7% Toning solution - Alpha hydroxyl acid serum that offers a mild exfoliation to improve the skin radiance, glow and, for me, works great with my scars. I’ve been using an 8% percent of AHA lately, so this should be gentle for my skin I guess. I used it yesterday as first time and perfect, any irritation :) Let’s see how it works in some weeks!.
🐒 #NIOD Superoxide Dismutase Saccharide Mist (SDSM2) - omg this.. I’ve been wanting this for months. Actually a HG of so many beauty bloggers. This is not a “mist” even a “toner”. This is a dermal treatment that acts as fundamental daily force against oxidative stress, water loss and soothe the irritation. It also contains Purified North American Four O’ Clock Flower (anti-inflammatory Aztec plant). Looks SO good!.
➕What is your fav #deciem product?? I wanna know! .
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Dry & dehydrated skin👇🏻👇🏻
***first of all you should understand that usually dry skin is dehydrated as well but dehydrated skin is not necessary dry.
Tightness and dryness are the tell tale signs of dry and dehydrated skin. But, these two conditions with similar symptoms have very different triggers at a cellular level. Learn the difference and find your products for hydrated, healthier skin.

What’s the difference between dry skin, and dehydrated skin?

Dry skin, or alipic skin, generally refers to skin that is lacking in oil. Dehydrated skin is characterised by lack of moisture (water) in the Stratum Corneum. This explains why even oily skin can experience dehydration. As mentioned, dehydration is a lack of water, not oil. This means sebaceous oil activity can still be normal or even overactive in dehydrated skin. Both dry and dehydrated skin can experience: -irritation, inflammation and itchiness.
-a feeling of tightness or tautness.
-a look or feel of roughness.
-slight to severe flaking and scaling.
-fine lines, cracks that can sometimes bleed and severe redness.

One of the biggest consequences is an increase in sensitivity, as dryness and dehydration are precursors to sensitized skin.#beauty #beautymontreal #skincare #skinproblems #skincarecanada #skincareluxury #skincareroutine #dryskin #dehydratedskin #menskincare #essentialoils #ingridients #facial #facecare #پوست #مراقبتپوست #پوست_و_مو #دخترونه


When I saw @oneoseven_official Core Flex Hydro Rich Moisturizing Cream come up on @0.8l_usa I immediately jumped on the opportuinity to try it, which is good because it sold out literally within 2 minutes. I have heard a lot about the #oneoseven brand through instagram. The essence and the Rose Vinegar Toner in particular have popped up on my feed quite frequenlty, but I have not heard much about their Moisturizing Cream. I have been using this close to 2 weeks , both day and night, and I am ready to share my thoughts. I know a couple of weeks might not seem like a very long time, but for me, when it comes to moisturizers, my skin immediately lets me know that it either hates it or likes it.
If you are not already familiar with the brand, OneOSeven is a luxury skincare line from South Korea, that uses naturally fermented vinegar as the basis for their skincare formulations. The vinegar is fermented for 7 years using rice and 20 oriental herbs. This cream claims to deliver hydration and moisturization via the natural oils and amino acids making the skin vital and bright.
Upon opening the container of cream, I smelled a faint fresh scent, which was surprising to me, becuase I was afraid it would smell of the vinegar. The cream is a standard white cream that feels light but offers a good amount of moisturization. While, I did not see miracles happen overnight, it also did not irritate my skin. I did notice forehead was a little less dry and my cheeks a little less red. If you are interested in purchasing this, it is available on #Nordstrom .com for $52.
🚨Disclaimer: I received this product at a discount from 08liter in exchange for my honest opinion. .

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All I want for Xmas is Green Peel🍃🌱 (and some good nights sleep👶🏻🍼😴🙏🏻)! Et lite gavetips herfra altså: Akkurat nå har vi gavekort med 3 for 2 på alle #greenpeel behandlinger🎁🎅🏻👌🏻. Den gaven faller GARANTERT i smak🎄. -Henriette😉#greenpeel #drschrammek #hudpleie #hudpleieoslo #antiage #glowingskin #glød #pigmentering #sensitiveskin #acne #porer #dehydratedskin #peeling #SkinResurfacing @greenpeelnorway

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It's all about the choices that you make. Choose happiness, choose to take care of your skin.

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✨Simple & lovely✨
✨The After Show Treatment Cleanser formerly known as Plié (reminds me of Prince 💜) #jordansamuelskin .
✨SDSM2 #niod .
✨Hydrate #jordansamuelskin .
✨The Performance cream #jordansamuelskin mixed with 3 drops of 100% Virgin Marula Oil #theordinary - they mixed really well .
My skin feels grrreat 💃🏻 which says a lot because the winther in DK is rough on my skin, too much change up and down in temperature, too much wind and the heater in my car just sucks the mouisture out and leaves my skin feeling like it is too small to fit my face 😬

#hydrationplease #plumpmeup #mouisture #hydrate #marulaoil #sdsm #winterskin #dehydratedskin #dryskin

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Hydrating routine in preparation for a peel tomorrow. Fingers crossed!
Cleanse @biologique_recherche Lait VIP O2
Tone SPT
Sheet mask @tonymoly.official
Serum @jordansamuelskin Hydrate
Mask @laneige_us Water Sleeping Mask
Seal it all in with @vanderohe Nourishing Face serum.
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Tahira Besic (

I love this as a primer or just a moisturizer. It has a coconut scent but not over powering. It adds just enough moisture to my skin on, no makeup days. When I use it as a primer it adds a dewy finish to my skin and my skin is ready for my dewy makeup look.

patrick aguilar (

Helps hydrate and rejuvinate the skin
Help relieve the skin from dead skin celle, sebum, impurities and any excess debris
Help minimize itchiness and skin irritation/inflammation
Have antioxidants that help combat free-radical damages
Help control excessive oil production
Helps in the recovery of photodamaged skin
Contains antibacterial and antifungal properties that help fight off skin infections
Helps lighten the skin
Helps reduce the signs of aging
Helps strengthen and refine skin
Helps increase the production of collagen
Helps promote natural skin lightening
Helps minimize the production of blackheads
Has antioxidant, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory properties that help protect the skin from the harmful effects of free radicals

OR REACH ME THRU 09493736287

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All natural ingredients, botanical extracts ( cosmetics only ) and safe to use, however, we suggest to consult your physician and show the label of our products for their recommendation

DISCLAIMER: This literature/marketing tool is not an official publication of ALPHANETWORLD CORPORATION. This literature/marketing tool is designed for (James Patrick B. Aguilar). Photo credits to the owner