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Turns out ----> I love RAIN and MUD!! 🐾😂❤️🐶

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Don't mind me. Just geeking out in Denver.

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Colorado real estate professionals and agents for sellers, buyers and investors. Local market knowledge and expertise in Broomfield, Westminster, Denver, Boulder, Louisville, Lafayette, Erie, Arvada, Thornton, Northglenn, Superior, Frederick, Firestone, Brighton, Golden, Lakewood, Englewood and Littleton. #colorado #realestate

Gabrielle Arevalo (@shnazzygerby)

I remember when my 9-5 jobs would have me busting my butt for a 50 cent raise, and a pat on the back. 😐 but now I'm working towards a $50,000 bonus while sleeping in, and not stressing during this monthly curse... 😌💖

It wasn't always like this though.

If this was a year ago the thought of having my period was dreadful. It meant risking my job, do I go into to puke and have contraction like pain where it hurts to breathe too deep, get sent home, or written up for heading home, for something I have no control of, or calling in and not getting paid with getting written up as well. (Honestly I'd rather cut weight than go through this) 😔 It meant Ricardo holding me, giving me a puke bucket, waiting for the cramps to pass, throwing me in the tub and making sure I didn't pass out in there. There's was a lot of prep work in it, the worst part is I didn't know when this would happen, and we couldn't prevent it. We still don't know what's wrong with me. But things have gotten easier. Hopefully we find out this year. •
But the thing is you shouldn't get in trouble for being sick, we're humans we're not indestructible we need rest, and we need to take care of ourselves.

I have 3 spots open to help mentor you and earn a $10,000 bonus, heck you can earn a $50,000 bonus like me if you want. 💁🏻💕✨text me 775-287-4283

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Check us out at one of our new favorite #breweries, @4nosesbrewingco from 4-8 tonight!

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🖤🖤black on black on black on...

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Met a fellow Grrrl, @rosenamajunas , at the weigh ins for UFC fight Night in Denver. I'm actually wearing @grrrl_clothing here. --Her next fight is against someone I like, but, my loyalties will lie with Thug Rose since we live in the same town 👊🏼 Can't wait to see you fight your way up to Joanna! #UFCFightNight

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Just tell me who the hell is dead already!!!! #biglittlelies