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1. DECANT your products into cute little bottles and place them on the areas where you do most of your work. It is helpful because you will be reminded once you see them. Label them and keep them away from children's reach. Putting them in a purse is great to keep them intact. This way you won't forget anything.
2. MASKING. You can use your favorite mask while attending on your household chores. I put on a sheetmask while I am tidying some areas in the house. Make sure that your mask is not dripping so you won't have to deal with them later. A sheetmask with a good adherence is perfect. Wash off/Clay masks are great too. Make sure to set an alarm to keep you reminded.

3. DO it with them.
I prepare what we need. After that, I will told them to put on their creams like I do.Remember that they might ask your help in opening products so make sure that they are capable enough to do things for themselves or be ready to give them a hand. They have skin problems that we are closely looking after. This way I get to spend quality time with them and check their current skin condition.This is also a great way to allow them to do things on their own. Today I will let my kids try these sample products I received from Grahams Korea.The product that caught my eye is Grahams Natural Kids Cream. This is a topical emollient for eczema, dermatitis, itchy and dry skin. I am very keen on this because of my eldest son's atopic dermatitis. His doctor's prescribed medicines and topical creams helps him but I am always in search for good relief for his skin condition. I learned that this is an Australian product being marketed here in Korea. Thanks internet and @grahamskorea
This product claims that their cream is especially formulated to be mild and gentle for babies and children.
I hope this cream help him. I am getting worried now since the weather is changing.
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Zuleima Castro Chartuni (@dra.zuleima_castro.dermato)

馃懚Como prevenir una #dermatitis irritativa del pa帽al? 馃毤Buena higiene de la zona, la cual se debe realizar con agua tibia y con jab贸n neutro (#Syndet ). 馃毤Evitar el uso de talcos o maizena porque pueden producir granulomas a cuerpo extra帽o. 馃毤Evitar el uso de hierbas medicinales t贸picas. 馃毤Esta 谩rea debe permanecer siempre limpia y seca. 馃毤No es recomendable el uso de perfumes (recordar que los pa帽itos h煤medos contienen perfumes). 馃毤El pa帽al debe ser cambiado frecuentemente y de ser posible mantenerlos algunas horas al dia sin el uso de este. Permitir el secado de la zona con el aire. 馃毤Evitar la demora en el cambio del #pa帽al . 馃毤No frotar la piel. 馃毤No se deben utilizar de modo profil谩ctico corticoides, antif煤ngicos ni antibi贸ticos t贸picos, por el riesgo de sensibilizaci贸n. 馃毤Se debe aplicar, con cada cambio de pa帽al cremas protectoras a base de 贸xido de zinc.

Siempre consulte a su #pediatra y a su #dermatologo .

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AQI SKIN CARE (@aqiskincare)

If you aren't sure what product would be best for your skin especially if you are in a hurry, try applying cream on both hands and feet. It can be absorbed faster and would even lasts longer.
For a more moisturised skin (link in bio )

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Danielle (@danielleamandabaker)

馃尀Vibrance Pack猸愶笍

Created to help you look and feel vibrant!

Good health and glowing skin start from within. 9 types of berries and 100% plant based omega developed with a rich blend of algae and seed oils, will nourish you from a cellular level.

Perfect for anyone suffering with acne, eczema, psoriasis or dermatitis; women and teenager girls with hormonal skin conditions; and those who want to nourish their skin from the inside out 馃崙

Free shipping! Comment or DM me for deets 鉁岋笍
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Sunny af. Tanned af. (Courtesy to the NHS for making me tanned...Er, I mean for the UV light skin treatment馃槀馃槀)
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KISS Skin Care | Australia (@kissbyjenniferbache)

馃悵 Charlie鈥檚 Honey Balm...the natural way to ease irritation from Eczema, Psoriasis, Dermatitis and so much more!
Buy online:
Hawthorn | @stranger.things.emporium
Frankston | @emilysprofessionalbeauty
Cheltenham | @candyhairkids

Top Care Store (@topcarestore)

鉂勶笍Refresca y combate la irritaci贸n de la piel en recuperaci贸n por quemaduras solares, tratamiento de quimio, hinchaz贸n o dermatitis.馃挀 Skin Cooler de Lindi Skin son compresas fr铆as hidratantes馃挧馃挧 que le dar谩n a tu piel una sensaci贸n de confort inmediata calmando el ardor y la picaz贸n.鉂勶笍
Encu茅netralas en nuestra tienda en l铆nea www.topcarestore.com o da clic en el link de nuestra Bio @topcarestore
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鉁鉁This week only鉁鉁
Receive a COMPLIMENTARY LED treatment with your Oxygenating Enzyme Peel (or whichever Peel is best suited for your skin!)
猸愶笍猸愶笍The Oxygenating Enzyme Peel is suitable for ALL skin types and uses enzymes from pumpkin and papaya to give your skin a deep NON AGGRESIVE cleanser and Peel.猸愶笍猸愶笍
Followed by your complimentary LED treatment; the latest in super powerful medical grade LED; which is able to treat any #skin concerns including (but not limited too)
This is the perfect duo! Dont miss out! Available this week ONLY!
馃彙138a Coxs Road North Ryde 鈽庯笍9878 0011

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Phototherapy treatments are beneficial for many reasons. During a treatment, the skin is exposed to ultraviolet light B (UVB) or ultraviolet A (UVA) in order to slow the growth of cells and reduce inflammation. This treatment can help with multiple skin conditions and it is even used to help treat skin cancer!

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My new fave refreshing drink in the mornings after my celery x cilantro juice...1/2 a Galia melon, 1/4 organic cucumber (w/ skin) & a few oz of George's Aloe Juice. Did you know...MELON-"On every level, including biochemically, melon is exactly what our bodies need. Melons are essentially balls of purified water. This highly active fluid binds onto poisons of all kinds in the body, including mold, mycotoxins, viral neurotoxins, undigested protein toxins, ammonia gas & bacterial toxins, flushing them out to allow the immune system to restore itself!" CUCUMBERS-High in vit a, c, folic acid, the skin is rich in over 50 trace minerals like: magnesium, molybdenum & potassium. It's also high in silica, a trace mineral that contributes greatly to strengthening connective tissues. Cucumbers are hydrating on a deep cellular level, they have electrolytes and a cooling effect on overused adrenal glands and kidneys. ALOE- Consuming aloe offers a colon cleanse on its own, helping to relieve constipation. It contains more than 70 trace minerals and calms inflammation in the gut making it a top aid for IBS, Crohn's & colitis. "This anti-inflammatory nature rejuvenates the appendix, as well as the ileum-a critical portion of the digestive tract, because that's where the body produces vitamin B12 when the digestive system is functioning as it should. That's not all-as aloe rehabilitates the ileum, it also delivers a very bioavailable form of B12 making aloe and all around B12 enhancer!" *some info from @medicalmedium Life Changing Foods Book #eczemaholistichealing #eczema #medicalmedium #topicalsteroidwithdrawal #topicalsteroidaddiction #redskinsyndrome #dermatitis #melon #cucumber #aloejuice #hclfvegan #hclf #vegan #rawvegan #smoothies #poweredbyplants #plantpowered #skinhealth #digestivehealth #lifechangingfoods

Katie Boniface Naturopath (@elysiumhealthsolutions)

What you need to know about choosing a probiotic 馃尡 look for 35 - 45 billion, 8 strains minimum
馃尡 general maintenance good practice is to rotate the brands, diversity is the key
馃尡 lactobacillus rhamnosus is an important strain for skin problems like dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis 馃尡 streptococcus is an important strain for sinus problems, allergies, hay fever and the like
馃尡 SB is a transient yeast which does not repopulate the gut but helps to weed the gut of pathogens like parasites and bacteria鈥檚 that cause gastro which makes it a good travel companion when going overseas. I don鈥檛 recommend it however for candida. And you want to follow up with a multistrain probiotic.
Certain pathogenic strains have been linked to certain autoimmune conditions.

With more and more research coming out about the different strains we are using it鈥檚 important your prescribing practitioner knows the bacteria strains and what they are used for to help you best. If you are treating a specific condition make sure you know which strains help to improve your condition and which strains you want to be weeding out.

Dra. Cristina Cort茅s - Derma (@ely.cortes.14)

La dermatitis at贸pica 馃摎馃摉: 1. Se caracteriza por #COMEZ脫N intensa
2. La piel es seca y al茅rgica
3. En ni帽os afecta frecuentemente en zona de antebrazos y detr谩s de las rodillas.
4. En adultos afecta cara, cuello, manos, plantas.

Esta enfermedad puede ser controlable. Aplique un emoliente con frecuencia, evite qu铆micoa sobre la piel y acuda con su dermat贸loga.

#DraCristinaCort茅s #Dermatolog铆a #Monterrey
鈽庯笍 22 30 76 22 馃搷Fuentes del Valle

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One of the products that really paved the way for my 鉂わ笍love鉂わ笍 of skincare is #witchhazel . In fact, I can't believe I haven't posted about witch hazel before now because it's pretty much the cornerstone of my skincare routine. And not just my skincare routine, it's become a bit of a panacea in my life - there's few problems I've found that can't be solved with a little which hazel. 馃憣馃槈 Witch hazel is, of course, an astringent making it a highly effective toner! Seriously, you can see the results in mere seconds after application as your pores shrink down. It's pretty cool. 馃槑

But part of what has endeared me to this multipurpose product is witch hazel's ability to not only soothe, but also treat a wide variety of dermatitises. 馃尶

From around the age of 16 until recently I've suffered from perioral dermatitis. If you're unfamiliar with this skin condition, it's basically like a rashy combination of rosacea and acne. It tends to migrate around the face settling around the mouth, nose, and sometimes eyes.

Witch hazel has often been the only thing that's consistently worked to keep my perioral dermatitis at bay. However, being prone to skin afflictions in general (it's my Achilles heel, I guess) witch hazel has never let me down when it came to neutralizing flare-ups. 馃憤

Because I'll definitely run out of room here, I highly encourage you to Google the health and skin benefits of witch hazel! 馃槉鉂わ笍 For those of you with sensitive skin @thayersnatural makes an awesome witch hazel-based toner combined with other natural ingredients to keep skin not only looking its best, but feeling its best too!! 馃檶 馃摚Note: witch hazel can be used for so many different functions - make sure that if you plan on using witch hazel for anything other than external purposes you buy 100% witch hazel. You can pick this up at pretty much any drugstore. 馃槝

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馃専Therese Smith馃専 (@thereselean)

I get this a lot from clients looking for relief from eczema either for themselves, their spouse or their kids. It鈥檚 more common than you鈥檇 think!
My answer to them is 鈥淥f course!鈥
For teens and adults wash your face with our Charcoal Cleansing Bar to help detoxify and draw impurities out of the skin - it also helps to get rid of inflammation. Follow up with our No. 3 Balancing & Ylang Ylang facial oil to help further hydrate, smooth and balance you skin. In the evening, cleanse your face with our amazeballs Cleansing Balm to soothe and hydrate. Use it to cleanse your skin or as a moisturizing mask to work overnight.
If you have a wee one suffering from eczema, our Protective Balm (use just a wee bit, a little goes a long way!) is perfect and has helped a lot of little ones find relief!
If you have questions about these products or have skin issues you鈥檇 like to discuss with me, send me a message at theresesmithbc@gmail.com!