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Imagine yourself a year from now, you will get there 🖤✨ 11 weeks out -> 2 weeks out. -
Current feels are a mix of things. I’m 2 weeks out from show day and I can’t believe this is finally happening. This has been in the works for longer than people realize. I decided I wanted to compete Feb 28, 2017 in a local show in Oct ‘17. The next day something happened in my life that altered my reality forever, changed everything, shattered my spirit. My competing goals were set aside, but the Gym was always my one happy place. One day I woke up after feeling lost and I just Decided to live my best life, to give my goals and my dreams my all. I started to build muscle and train with intensity and intention beginning of summer ‘17. The fire was lit. In November, I picked my show. I decided and I didn’t look back. A year later I’m sitting here just grateful to be here, almost to show day and know I really fought for this and gave this everything i had no matter what. Regardless of what happens or where I place, in my soul I’ve already won ✨ life is short, work hard, live everyday with intention and never give up on yourself.

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Always give it your all. When it gets overwhelming just think, in 10 minutes you’ll be ok, it’ll all be over and you’ll either regret your effort or be satisfied with it... which one will it be? #teamrxa

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Stay hungry ALWAYS 🔥🔥🔥
_________________________________ "The wolfs always scratching" 🐺
DJ Johnson. One of the guys who inspire myself day by day to do my best always 💪🏻😁 inspire me to work hard. And always staying hungry.

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Slow and controlled bicep curls. Bc toned arms are pretty damn sexy.
I can’t tell you how much I used to neglect upper body when working out. Now I can’t wait to feel the pump during these workouts. We all love leg day and the booty and all but it’s all about that symmetry from head to toe, atleast for me 👌🏽
New year’s resolution for me? None. We should be focused on self-improvement and growth year round. Continue to be kind to others, most importantly to yourself. Continue to achieve those goals that get you places. Continue to kill your workouts and diet. Continue to love and be thankful to one another. Simply continue to be the awesome badass that you know you are 😎. @gymshark @gymsharkwomen . .
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