Falke Omdal (@eklaf)

After I destroyed my old camera I finally got myself a new one! With new gear comes new adventures. I went to Svalbard, a Norwegian archipelago in the arctic together with @annematy The beauty of this place is indescribable! We went on a 3 day, dog sledding trip with @greendogsvalbard It'll be a memory for the rest of my life 🙌🏼

IceLegacy Project (@icelegacyproject)

It looks like a painting, a life size one. Our eyes open bigger and we take a moment to breathe and contemplate that landscape. Yet we cannot picture that this glacier might not be here within a 100 years.
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Angelika Sverdrup, Norway (@angelikasverdrup)

Et lite innlegg om Valderløpet som var i helgen, ligger nå på Runners world. Bruk linken i profilen.
Blog post about the race last weekend at norwegian runners world.

ALFAs Eventyrer Andreas Orset (@alfaeventyreren)

Jeg tenkte det var på tide med en dusj og dro hit. "Dessverre" kom jeg meg ikke over elva.. og som dere ser ble jeg egentlig ganske lettet. Prøver igjen neste gang jeg finner en foss🚿 // I thought it was time for a shower and went here. "Unfortunately" I didn't manage to cross the river.. and as you can see, I was actually​ quite relieved. I'll try again next time I find a waterfall🚿
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visitnorway (@visitnorway)

Takeover: @alfaeventyreren 🇳🇴 _
A 13 month trip in Norway's beautiful nature!
Good evening everyone, it's ALFA's Adventurer Andreas Orset (@alfaeventyreren) here again. I've been taking over @visitnorway this week and tonight I share the last image at Visit Norway for a while.
Today I was hiking in Åmotan, a canyon where 3 rivers with about 7 waterfalls meet.
A unique place to visit!
One of the greatest advantages by traveling for so long is that you have time to discover places that's not that well know. You have time to find hidden pearls of beauty in nature. But unfortunately​ isn't 13 months enough to see everything thats worth seeing in Norway. Now I've only 3 more months of my job/trip and I'm looking​ forward to see as much as I can during the upcoming months!
Hope you've liked what you've seen so far and feel free to follow @alfaeventyreren for more images from my adventure as a hired hiker in Norway!
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