Ximo Gómez (@nagoix)

A la altura del pecho, hacia la izquierda...
Tocado (pero no hundido)

Sebastian & Luna (@sebastianlovesluna)

When Sebastian said “Breakfast at the Mall” this was not the mall I had imagined #hesluckyIlovehim #startingofftheweekontherightpaw
@stellaandchewys is currently looking to add some new ambassadors to their program. We were eating @stellaandchewys before joining because Sebastian has many allergies and venison is the only thing that worked for him- so we have so many good things to say about them! Go to their insta for more details. This post is not sponsored at all we just love us some Stella! #stellasquad

Karynne Honorato (@livingwithbirds)

🙌 "Alguém disse bolo de aniversário?" 🎂 Aêee... 🎉 O Epaminondas faz 1 ano hoje! 🎁 Parabéns, meu doce, um ano de pura gostosura! 👏👏👏 Muita saúde, amor e felicidade na sua vida sempre! ❤️ #façaumdesejo
🙌 "Did someone say birthday cake?" 🎂 Yay... 🎉 Epaminondas 🐦 turns 1 today! 🎁 Happy 1st birthday, my sweet! 👏👏👏 Wishing you health, love and happiness in your life! ❤️

Catalina (@lanegracatalina)

[ ¿keee? ¿lunes? ¿se acabó el fin de semana? ¿y la moto? ¿y candela? ]

Tigre (Sep. 2016) European Cat (@mistertigre)

Hoy tampoco se sale por culpa del aire... 😾

Mua Carmen • Zaragoza (@mua_carmen)

¡Buenos días! Pero mira que está precioso #nuestroMisho 😍 Y no penseis que ponerle el jersey fue nada fácil ... 😅🤣

Pippa The Chihuahua (@pippa.thechihuahua)

¡Qué cansada estoy! 😊 Hasta mañana 😘
I’m so tired! 😊 Good night! 😘
Sleeping bag www.pippasgarden.com

LisetMor Photography (@lisetmor_photography)

❤️ Today it is 5 years ago since I captured this kiss ❤️😚😘

Facebook: Lisetmorphotography
Workshop Info: info@lisetmor.com

Sebastian & Luna (@sebastianlovesluna)

We’ve been silent because we have been hanging with Santa and we have the longest list EVER 🎅😂❤️
I would love to thank all the pups from the DC/MD/VA area that came out to Sebastian & Luna’s first Santa Portrait event at @icarek9 and @districtdog ! It was a pleasure photographing all the pups and I am am sharing a few favorites and will share some more within the week. I am hoping to make this a yearly tradition and create a new Christmas set every year. We will be donating $400 from this event to the @humanerescue .
If you are in the area and would like to know of future portrait events send us a DM with your email to be added to your emailing list. #igdc #mydccool