Betsey Sook - Poetic Jewelry (@betseysook)

Early morning self-portrait: That exact day, I knew, I wanted to dedicate my life to creating fine jewellery. Not random jewellery, but exceptional diamond jewellery. I trembled, because the vision was so much bigger than me. As a creative person, you do not choose your own vision. It chooses you. You do your best work, when you serve. #nomakeup #nofilter #liveauthentic #betseysook #engagementring #diamondjewellery #diamant

Lisa Levinson (@lisalevinson)

Incredibly generous pile of rough diamonds -- this is a run of mine from the @debeersgroup production from Botswana, Namibia, South Africa and Canada. Botswana is currently the world's largest producer of rough diamonds by value. The diamond that originate from Botswana are often of gem quality and the mines, especially the Jwaneng mine, are very prolific. The kimberlite orebody hold a lot of diamond material of very high quality