Jamila (@gabbingalblog)

Cause I'm a real one hunni! But are you?

Nic Miller (@nicmillertraining)

The feelings inside. If you only you could express what’s inside and translate it. Workouts should be engaging and challenging. Period. #nicmillertraining #fitfam #fitspo #trainhard

Not Your Ordinary Fitness (@notyourordinaryfitness)

What sets your soul alight? What sparks your passion? Find, and embrace, those things that engage your mind, body, and soul! Stsyvstrong...stay motivated!!

Kristina (@kristinamkay)

Mind⬆️Matter. Push yourself beyond the limitations you create in your head. Release that inner fire buried deep inside you and unleash your fullest potential... it’s inside each and every one of you. What’s holding you back?!🔥 Pushed myself with heaviest I’ve gone in awhile for 8️⃣ reps here💪🏻 The burn was REAL #teamuniqueprep

Kelly Mesheski (@kellym_keepingitreal)

Flex it Friday💪 Okay, I have some work to do but hey I am feeling freaking AWESOME so who cares!
#fridaynight #workoutwarrior #getitdone

Angie ventrone (@go_after_it_official)

Somedays you gotta find a way to FLEX 💪🏼 yo SMILE! Somedays are harder than others. I’ll be honest, the winter and off season are tough for me, and I have to dig deep and see the bigger picture, count my blessings, bc I can find something to FLEX my smile at. Thanks to @littlewarriorfitness for calling me out on straight FLEX’N, and keep’n me motivated. I love when other fitness pals lift me (you/other’s) up, thank you! 🙏🏼💪🏼💜#flexfriday #digdeep #smile #flex

Dr. Donald Massey School (@drdonaldmasseyschool)

WOW WHAT A FINISH mavericks sr. girls basketball took home a huge win in the finals at the M.E. Lazerte tournament! Final score 36-34 came down to the last second. Ms. Norris almost had a heart attack. #G.R.I.T. #heart #digdeep #champs #lit #ballislife

Captain Tripps (@alexwill64)

Guess what screams from the depths of your being? What calls out to you as you become overly distracted by worldly events? What seeks to sever your attachments to illusions & deadweight?
Most will never get to facing the real problem with the world because they know deep down that once they get to the root of the problem, they will be staring dead at themselves & no one else down there.
Therein is the paradox: We love looking at ourselves but cannot bear seeing ourselves.
So ignorance alone isn’t what plagues them—it is also reluctance. Avoidance. Fear. If I pointed to the place where something inside of you lies in a deathly sleep, would you take the pick & shovel and open the coffin? ⛏️⚰️💀👁️⚫️
#gravediggaz #knowthyself #truth #message #strikeoil #firsteye #revelation #backoutthetomb #imoutnow #etherrealest #digdeep #digdeeper #realization #darknessvisible #comejointhedarkness #coffin #selfie

Kalei San Nicolas (@kaleisannicolas)

I understand that this picture is risky to post. But this is what my confidence in my body has become. My body is stronger then it has ever been. I feel that everyday i am growing and learning things that i never knew about myself. I’m really sorry if this picture offends anyone. But i want people to know that the way you feel about yourself is more important then anyone’s opinion. ❤️ #selflove #bodyconfidence #thickfit #journeytofit #loveeveryinch #dontbeashamed #digdeep

T R I S S A B O T T O R F F (@trissabottorff)

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