Anya Louise Caruso (@engage2connect)

Protect your focus, motivation and goals from those who want to distract, obstruct and detour you from your purpose and eventual victory!

Lori Bolen (@decipherlifebox)

Please join me on Facebook this afternoon as I discuss "the discernment elephant" as part of my series on Deciphering the elephant in the room - understanding what the elephant is trying to teach you about communication. I hope to see you there! Link to profile in bio.

Joni Sue Thum (@joni.sue.thum)

It always surprises me when people disappoint with their bad behavior, unkindnesses, poor attempts at communication, false accusations, gossip, lies, or temper tantrums. My circle of loving, trustworthy friends grows smaller and my retreats into nature, into the heart of hearts that is God, grows more frequent and longer. #discernment #awareness #disappointment #nature #unkindness #tempertantrum #truthfulness #clearcommunication #understanding #wisdom

Mj_francois (@asyoucanbe)

It's time to wake up physically & spiritually 😁


#sync #knowyourtype #understanding #discernment "Understanding" is much deeper than "knowledge". I stopped explaining myself when I realised people only understand from their level of perception.