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Heighten your perspective-- what you may see as a flaw could very well be a blessing in disguise.
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Time is an equal opportunity. Each human being has exactly the same number of hours and minutes every day.
Make wise choices in fulfilling your purpose. Learn from your mistakes and keep moving forward.

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Oops! I was so busy with yesterday's surprise bonus track I forgot to post the January 17 video! Here it is! Proverbs 3:21b-23 (NLT) - Don’t lose sight of common sense and discernment. Hang on to them, for they will refresh your soul. They are like jewels on a necklace. They keep you safe on your way, and your feet will not stumble. 💎

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God Doesn't Give
The #Spirit Of #Discernment To EVERYONE. Trust Me When I Tell You I #KNOW Who I Deal With, & Date I Still Try So Hard To See The Good In Everyone, But At The Same Token I Know Who To BE CORDIAL WITH 😜😜😜
So Grateful For This #Gift He Gave Me 🙏

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Spiritual health organizes your values, relationships, decisions and purpose.
Free 45 min coaching sessions. Yes! No charge. I am just being obedient. Set appt @ www.lilyofthevalleycoaching.setmore.com

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What does it mean to see with the eyes of Christ? How does this way of seeing things differ from other perspectives? How does seeing things as Jesus does change your own perspective? #coyya #preparingfortheyearforyouth #faith #catholic #youthministry #faith #vocation #discernment

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HOUSTON, TX—Joel Osteen, celebrity senior pastor of Lakewood Church, has been proclaiming the life-changing power of regular, vocal, positive declarations and self-affirmations for years, and for just as long has pointed to his own life and accomplishments as irrefutable evidence of their efficacy. “My primary residence has more elevators than your house has bathrooms,” he told churchgoers in a recent sermon. “And do you know why? It’s because I declared it would happen. I spoke my desired reality out loud. Right out of my mouth. For years and years I woke up every morning and said, “I declare that I will earn such a fortune that I will own a home that has three elevators. I declare that I will achieve such opulence by being the pastor of a church. In Jesus’ name.” He said let there be elevators…and there were elevators. And he saw that the elevators were good. But that did not stop America’s favorite pastor from aspiring to new heights — literally.

That’s right. Through the power of positive declarations, Joel Osteen can now fly.

It’s no great secret how he acquired the ability to levitate and propel himself through the air at will. “Ever since I was a boy, I’ve wanted to fly,” he announced Sunday from his pulpit in front of 15,000 churchgoers and another 7 million watching on TV. “Well I just decided one day I wasn’t going to let the enemy hold me back anymore, and I started boldly declaring before God each and every day that I was going to fly. I spoke the words, ‘I’m taking the limits off of you, God. I will achieve flight. I declare it so!’ And guess what happened, church…” Osteen then levitated off the stage and proceeded to fly around the former Compaq Center which now serves as Lakewood’s global headquarters, above the mass of hysterically-cheering faithful, a large smile plastered on his face.

After the service, Osteen spoke to some reporters. “Declare your destiny out loud, that is my advice to you,” he told them. “Take the limits off God.” “Now, if you’ll excuse me,” he added, just before rocketing into the sky, “I’ve got to go see about cancelling a Gulfstream order.”

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#trusthim be led by Him alone because if we leave it up to ourselves...well you know...#discernment #wisdom

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Information, enlightenment, ideas, clarity, promotion, edification, elevation, separation, opportunity.....EVERYTHING! Just stay focused and sit tight. It will ALL come to you at the right time. Be anxious for nothing. Just wait for it... 😉 #wisdom #discernment

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"...if the book of Revelation is seen as merely allegory, then it has no real meaning. One unfortunate teaching that has come from this approach is known as “Replacement Theology”. This teaches that any reference to Israel or the Jewish people is really talking about the Church. It “replaces” Israel with the Church. Scripture clearly teaches that God is not done with the Jewish people. Read Romans chapters 9-11 and it’s abundantly clear the Jews are still God’s chosen people. That doesn’t mean they are all good or that they are saved (unless they have accepted Christ), but it does mean that God is not done with them. The Abrahamic covenant (Genesis 15, see also 12:2-3, 17:7) was an unconditional covenant. Many Old Testament covenants had conditions but this one had none. It’s based solely on God’s character and plan.
In the Old Testament the tribulation period was referred to as “The time of Jacob’s (the Jews) trouble”. In the 70 weeks of Daniel Chapter 9, it’s all about God’s plan for the Jewish race..
..Think of it like this. God is working out his plan for the Jewish people during the first 69 sets of 7 years, Jesus comes at his first advent, the Jewish prophetic clock pauses during the Church age. At some point (I believe sooner rather than later) the Church is taken out of the picture at the Rapture.
Soon after, the tribulation period begins (with the signing of a treaty) causing the Jewish prophetic clock to start again in order to complete the last set of 7 years — which is also the duration of the tribulation period. Jews and Gentiles will choose to follow Christ during the tribulation period, but they are referred to collectively as “tribulation saints”, not “the Church” as we refer to believers today during the Church Age. At the end of the tribulation period Jesus returns and sets up the Kingdom (as promised in the Old Testament and clearly stated in Revelation chapter 20) and reigns physically on earth for 1000 years..

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We'll yelp that would be me.. Lol, all day #everyday with spiritual #discernment
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Never is it ok to resort to, settle for, or be satisfied with being his "option." An option means that there is another choice. God created you to be a helpmeet to him, not something for him to help himself to whenever he feels like it. The moment you settle for being a side chick is the moment you show you have no respect for the image in which you were made in. You show that you don't deem yourself worthy to be the only one. And you show you don't really have respect for yourself. If he can't choose you and commit to you only, then you need to let him go.
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January 18, 2017

VALLEY VIEW, SD—Nobody likes rushing into church service at the last moment and hoping to find a good spot, and no one is more aware of this than the leadership team at Grace First Church.

In order to combat the problem, church leaders today released an update to the church’s website and mobile app containing functionality that allows churchgoers to select and reserve their seats ahead of showing up to service. “Picture this: you’re getting ready but you’re running ten minutes late for church, and now you’re worried you’ll miss your favorite spot,” Reverend Andy told reporters. “Before, you’d be tempted to just stay home rather than miss out on your preferred location. But now, you can just pull out your phone, reserve your seats for your party, and then leisurely stroll in thirty minutes late as usual.” According to the church, reserving the seats will alert the ushers to rush over to the pew in question and place placards on the exact spot that makes you feel the most comfortable while enjoying the service. “They’ll even shoo away anyone who’s already sitting there,” the minister told reporters. “If they really wanted the spot that badly, they would have reserved it on our website.” If the new feature is successful, Grace First has stated that they will consider adding parking lot reservation functionality in the coming months.