JILL BIRD (@jillbirdee)

After a long day of traveling, no sleep for 24 hours, I showed up to a delicious dinner with the future in laws☺️🙌 Today we got up for a beautiful walk in Hampstead Heath, and ended with a nice cider at the pub. England at the beginning of summer is beautiful ☺️❤️❤️

Haydon (@haydonkennedy)

Wake Up! Don't let people tell you what's possible!🙏 Be unwavering in your abilities to accomplish anything!🙏☄️🌌

Overcoming Odds (@overcomingodds)

Being an adoptee, there was always bound to be some difficulties in understanding my background.
Growing up, I would go through different stages in my life where I would either accept or reject it.
Like any adolescent, I simply wanted to grow up like everybody else.
Also, being in the United States, not many people knew where Kazakhstan was - let alone what a Kazakh person was.
Adding to the misconceptions, I also grew up in the era that “Borat” was released.
With the only depiction of Kazakh people in the media being “Borat,” it was hard to find a hero that would help me embrace my ethnicity and race.
Sure, there were a few Asian Americans in the media, but most were stereotypical, not uplifting.
I also didn’t have any Kazakhs that I knew outside of the adoptees I would see at occasional reunions for other Kazakh adoptees.
However, as we grew apart and went on to live our separate lives, I began feeling more and more isolated.
Curious what happens next? Go to (http://bit.ly/2rqVoG6) to read the full story.
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Fariha Mofas (@fariha.mofas)

infinity, what it means to me; I like infinity
Infinity in this world and our oceans as well as the mind, heart and soul

Where there is room for endless possibilities
And no one and nothing can disrupt the flow of love
Where there is no meaning and no end to everything we do and see
And we are there to just be
Where nature and humankind wil cause disruption, but everything will also pass
And we know that no matter what life will go on
Where imagination can take over
And we are no longer scared of what will come anymore

I like infinity
Infinity in every possible way
Infinity in this world, our oceans, mind, heart and soul FB #infinity #dubrovnik #wanderlust #fitfam #love #live #life #conversation #people #human #globe #croatia #discover #peopleoftheworld #poems #easeurope #greatvonversations #lifestories