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stranger things, 1x01 ; this is ugly sorry

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Season 7 Episode 8
"Rings Of Akhaten"

My favorite speech from Doctor who❤️ Matt is amazing 😍

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bill potts — v.3005
cc: hell's canary it didn't loop well 💔

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brighter inspired by mostly @joshuadun's hair
(Swipe for code)
This filter is great for lighter tones (especially yellow)
Please give credit if you use, and you don't have to ask permission to use!
Gonna do variety...next up is a transparent type drawing png
- dk (@ tardispilots)

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In Kürze erscheint das neueste DOCTOR WHO Model aus dem Hause Funko Europe: Der #LastCenturion-#Rory!
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without u💔 (@underourstars)

i can finally say i don't miss you. i read somewhere that it takes twenty one days to break a habit, but it took me a century to get over you. all my tears were shed the first seven days of you no longer being mine. i woke up, thought of you, cried, took a shower, cried in the back of my mother's car on the way to school, cried in class, cried to sleep- all i did was cry because of the aching you made me feel. after seven days i was empty, i couldn't cry anymore and i felt physical pain because i couldn't feel your touch or hear you whisper "i love you" into my ears. there was that sharp, piercing pain in my chest that i couldn't bear. the first time i saw you with her, it broke me. i wanted to melt into the ground and go to hell where i belong. my hands would shake and i'd cry without the tears. i felt like i lost my soul. i used to look for you in other people but they aren't you and i am so fucking glad they aren't. you broke both of our hearts, yours & mine. but now i'm over you, even though you aren't over me. i used to say i'd love you until the day i die, but you killed who i was. i don't need you anymore, you aren't a habit like you used to be and i can happily say i do not miss you. -my words
06.26.17, one thirty-two am.

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