Lukie and Macy (@lukie_macy)

I tried a different editing style on this photo! It's edited much more than usual and I tried to create a calm atmosphere. Would you like to see more like this? 😊

O CΓ£o LimΓ£o | The Lemon Dog (@ocaolimao)

TB to when me and my puppy squad were winning the fluff game 😎

P A W S* F O R * C H A N G E (@paws_4_change)

G O O Dβ€’ M O R N I N G - how are you all today? Looking forward to the weekend? 🐾

S T E V I E (@pupperabroad)

This is not what it looks like. And I'm sorry.

Kaizer πŸ• (@kaizer_thesamoyed)

After finishing my breakfast this morning, Aiko came for a playdateπŸ™ŒπŸΌ We both got a bit dirty and wet, mission completed 😎

Katie (@katietheminischnauzernz)

Having a little roll around

SpitzBolt (@pigkittybolt)

⚑️Here's a throwback Thursday for you guys! I was a lanky puppy oozing charm and handsome-ness with huge paws πŸ‘…-happy sigh- πŸ‚Fall feels πŸ‚