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Someone is tired and taking a nap next to me on the couch while Im doing laundry ❤️👌💕🐶 🐕

Then she woke up 🙄😮 Amazing Grace ❤️ that little bummer 😍 Makes one melt!

I came here to dog... (@dogyouknowit)

“A dog is the greatest gift a parent can give a child. OK, a good education, then a dog. - John Grogan.” - Mark Twain
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Dr.Clauder's Germany 🐾 (@dr.clauders)

#RepostSave @lieblingsviech
Auf der Messe angekommen musste ich natürlich mal eben bei den lieben von @dr.clauders Hallo sagen!
Und was sehe ich da tolles....
diesen Koffer 😍😍😍 .
Perfekt für jeden Hundenarr.
Ich habe eben erfahren, dass @skylugg auch Laptop Taschen und Co. mit eurem Wunschmotoiv anfertigt - Woooww!
Beim Bloggertreffen wird gleich ein Koffer mit Wunschmotiv verlost 🍀
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The humans said I was naughty for stealing the brie 😈🧀 I think it was just clever 🐾😆

Marie-Catherine Eshelman (@freebodywellness)

4 reasons why I love walking
1. It boosts your mood! Walking outside for 30 minutes a day will help you get your daily requirement in vitamin D3 and will help you fight the winter blues. It also relaxes the nervous system and makes you calmer. 
2. Your arteries pump blood out from your heart, but veins don't pulse; only squeezing the skeletal muscles around your veins will push blood through them. Walking gently pumps the blood back to your heart and reduces the risk of overall inflammation. It also lowers the risk of varicose veins.
3. It lowers the blood sugar levels and the risk of chronic diseases like diabetes and helps prevent cardiovascular disease.
4. It helps you improve the function of your lymphatic system, the conduit of your body's immune system. This can also help reduce the appearance of cellulite!

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I ❤️ snow !! ❄️🐶 Follow Us: @beaglestargram
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