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Our FIRST #doggie #birthday #cake !!! #happybirthday CHOCO ! All doggie friendly ingredients. Inside is #chickenmeatloaf homemade #doggiebiscuits #peanutbutter and #honey and the frosting is #banana&peanutbutter
ENJOY YOUR DAY CHOCO!!! @timothyskinner_

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🐶 Meet my dog Rex (looking pretty chilled here)! He is our family dog cavoodle and has been in our family since he was a puppy 13 years ago!
🐶 In the early days before kids, Rex was my workout buddy.. he would come running/walking with me. I would take him down to the park when I would do workouts. He was a great workout buddy!!
🐕 Now he is retired and lives with my Mum at the beach!! He comes up to visit us all the time. He still goes on his daily walks but slowly and not very far!
He has arthritis in his back legs, has had a few operations on his knees, snores so loud😀; but he is still kicking on strong!
Having Rex before having the kids really gave me a great stepping stone to prepare me for kids. Rex was my furry kid!! 🐶
But compared to kids he was definitely LOW MAINTENANCE!! 😀😀😀😀😀
Pets bring so much joy into a family!! I ❤️ my Rex!! Who has a pet who is a great workout buddy?? 🐶🐶
photo credit ~ @gina_ingham .

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Being cute is so exhausting so I’ll being going to bed now ! I need my beauty/cuteness sleep !! 😴🐶 L🐾 #sleepydoggie #doggie #chihuahua #goodnight