Andrea Nieman (@andreanieman)

The new doggy lifejacket is going down like a lead balloon 😂 Whiskey refuses to look at me because Im laughing so much #doggiepaddle

Christopher (@kelownachris)

To the left, that area to left ahead of Bella...She hasn't experienced yet what dangers lie with thin ice. That little open water area WAS thin ice. This is her inspecting where she went thru. She went for a wee swim. Those brown foot prints are me hoping I don't fall thru too as I pull my puppy out. Had to run through a bunch of bushes to get to the lake...So she got a bath today when we got home 😁 #thinice #doggiepaddle #bellatheexplorer haha....

Judy Seckel (@jbseckel)

Was headed out for a walk with Rocky on the Greenway. Well, I guess we won't be going this direction… #flooded #greenway #doggiepaddle

Beverly (@innermost13)

My Golden, Holly and her pal Ginger taking a dip last summer. #bffs #bringonsummer #doggiepaddle #doggieplaydate