Stanley and Ella (@zaljevic.tribe)

It’s that time of year again, today we took Ella for her annual trip to David Jones for their Santa PAWtraits day 🎄🎅🏼
Stanley was a touch confused at taking his Ella to the shops, and I’m expecting the next trip without her to be a disaster 😂
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Meritxell (@patucostacones)

Segundo día de introducción de la alimentación complementaria: ¡el plátano! 🍌
Lo ha gestionado mucho mejor que ayer, se lo llevaba con más agilidad a la boca por el lado correcto 😂😂
(👉) Cuando no ha querido más ha empezado a jugar y le ha caido, ¡no ha pasado medio segundo que ya tenía otra dueña!
(👉) Y no le quitaba ojo de encima mientras se comía SU plátano 😅
Después un poco de teti y a dormir, que es una experiencia muy agotadora 😴
¿Cuál fue el primer alimento de vuestros peques? ¿Hicisteis BLW? ¿También tenéis una aspiradora peluda que se alegra más que nadie de este método?
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MONOFACES (@monofaces)

If this not love I don’t know what is ❤️. Thank you to Mommy @_jennifer__barrett_ for this cute photo!
Little boy is wearing our organic leggings with print of his two doggies.


Stephanie Louise (@life.of.steph.and.alfie)

“When are you having another one?” “Are you having another?” “You wait till the second one comes along” These are all questions that wind me up almost as much as the ‘when are you having children?’ question, that even the total strangers throw around (I wonder if people will ever stop asking this 🙄😳). When I respond with “Oh we aren’t having any more” the responses I’m currently getting are quite something, which leaves me feeling like I need to justify my (our) family choices (which don’t come lightly). I then end up spilling out all our life decisions to some random women in Costa I’ve only spoken to a handful of times, with her still judging the shit out of me because her perfect daughter with her two perfect children are living the life of perfection in there semi in London. When actually the reality of that story is they have had to move house, save less, do less and in general put a strain on them financially. I’m not saying this is the case for everyone but my god it’s annoying; I thought having a baby would stop the ‘baby production questions’ but there’s always something! Oh and when I respond with I already have two perfect little boys 👆🏻👆🏻 I get the ‘you are bat shit crazy lady and need your head banging against a wall’ look. But long story short we are happy and feel complete with these two and at the end of the day that’s what matters, must try and remember that every time someone asks 😳 #dogsandbabies #bestpals #brothers #2under3 😂

P I P E R 🐾 (@pipertheboxer_)

It's my job in the afternoon to lie next to my little brother to cheer him up when he is grumpy and overtired 🐶 👶🏼

Hooper (@hooperthegreyhound)

Tiny humans are a lot of work but I’ve finally trained them to give me belly rubs and feed me under the table. 👌🏼👍🏼 #45mphcouchpotato #greyhound #greyhoundsofinstagram #dogsandbabies #furbrother #greyhounds #rescuedog #ilovemyhuman