Danny V (@d_vella)

Fashionably late on this #nationalpuppyday post but anyone who knows me I love dogs more than people and no dog more than my little princess Jade. BFFs 13 years I still scream like a 12 year old girl and talk to her in a high pitched annoying voice every time I see her ❤️ #spoiledbeyondwords #shesaprincess #dogsarebetterthanpeople #socuteicanthandleit #beagle #beaglesofinstagram

The Yorkie And F1 Goldendoodle (@leoandgypsy)

Sorry Mom, couch is taken. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Keith Lambert (@pawsablepooches)

Teacup Poodle Male is
3.5mths old and 0.7lb Today. Gorgeous Red Coat with a Teddy Bear Look🐻🐻
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Corey Key (@coreyykeyy)

I heard it's national dog day and I'll have you know I've met some of the prettiest pups in the world😊🐶 #dogsarebetterthanpeople

Nicole Schneider (@nschneiderstyle)

This wonderful girl #spirit will melt the coldest heart. Paralyzed by a 22 bullet ( which is still lodged in her spine,) she hasn't given up in the slightest and has learned to #spinalwalk and even play with the big dogs. She thinks she's just like everyone else, what she doesn't know is that she's actually better and inspires us every day. Our lovely girl is only one and with continued physical therapy is expected to walk again...just like everyone else. Thank you @shayanhathaway for once again capturing this amazing moment with Spirit to #adopt please contact www.rescuefromthehart.org @rescuefromthehart #rescue #dosomethingitmatters #adoptdontshop #rescuedogsofinstagram #dogsarebetterthanpeople #specialneedsdog 💗💗