Billy (@everybody_loves_billy)

*my mummy is my absolute favourite! I think I love her more than veggie sticks (crazy I know)! And I want to tell her today (and every day) that she is my everything! Happy Mothers Day mummy!! 😘🐾😘🐾

#petsofinstagram #mothersday #humanmummy #furbaby #dogsofig #ilovemymummy

Gabriela Cocean (@gabriela.cocean)

Yuppy, a search and rescue dog at the Transylvanian Associaton for SAR dogs, training for rubble search
#dog #training #searchandrescue #dogsofig

Caleb The Bold (@calebthebold)

This is my sixth walk today! What the fluff is a Pokemon?

Didi (aka Skippy) (@sillyskippydoo)

Hot hot weather but snoozing in the cold cold room. Shiok!

🐶 B O B B I 'n K A R M (@msbobbijo.nk)

We are in SO. MUCH. TROUBLE. 👿😈👿😈 Mum says we're (a$$holes and) never allowed in public again. 💩💩🙊#doubletrouble #terribletwosome #terribletwos #butterwouldntmelt

Kobe the Chow (@kobu_dogu)

When you're forced to FaceTime...

Fletcher St & Co (@fletcherstreetdesign)

Excited to be able to share this project! Logo and packaging design for specially formulated Museli for Dogs! Featuring a cut-out on the front label so you can see the packet contents. It's a Dog's Breakfast 🐶💚 website coming soon. #museli #dogfood #dogsbreakfast #packagingdesign

Puck (@justmypuck)

does this sweater make me look fat? 🤔