Jess Edington (@jledington)

My dog broke. In the middle of our class at dog training.
#GreatDane #GreatDanex #dogsofinstgram #rollover #dogs

E L L I E (@elliethecoton)

Colbert and I did the doggie shuffle together (swipe to see our dance) Coton furriends ❤️❤️❤️

🌷Mel • Cloé 🌷 (@mel.cloe)

Passando na sua time pra desejar uma ótima noite proceis, mores!
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Dawn Fishel (@thedawnfishel)

Finally got to meet this pupper and I was not disappointed. @marcelthedogwithpawson is the most cuddly, sweet little lover ever. #cuddlepup #marcelthedogwithpawson #dogsofinstgram #doggram #doglove

🇬🇧 ZEKI THE PUG 🇬🇧 (@zekithepug)

No shame here, let it all hang out 🙈