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Happy Friday buddies ❤️ from Herman and Bodhi XxXx

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When the humans won't shut up so I can nap. 😒🐶#nappingpuppy .

Vija Anton (@mygoldencooper)

I would like you to meet a very special friend today! 💗 Her name is Chi Chi @chichirescuedog . Her story touches my heart. Chi Chi is a rescue dog from South Korea. She was found in a garbage bag with her legs bound, worn to the bone and already necrotized. When the rescuers found her, she was in unimaginable pain. But she was wagging her tail and leaning forward for pets. The rescuers decided she wanted to live and amputated her legs to save her life. She was rescued in January 2016. An amazing family from Phoenix, AZ has adopted Chi Chi and cares for her special needs. She now has custom prosthetics that provide her comfort and mobility. Without the prosthetics, she cannot walk. Chi Chi's family started a gofundme campaign because her prosthetics have to be maintained and she needs medicine and medical supplies which is costly. Chi Chi is an inspiration to so many people and it would be great if you would support her and her loving family with a donation. Here is the gofundme link : https://www.gofundme.com/chichirescuedog
#coopersoftheworld 🌎
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May Brit Sveindal (@mbsveindal)

Da har Bamse vært hos dyrlegen i Vennesla på halvårs-kontroll igjen❤️🐶 Den høyre hjerteklaffen blir stadig dårligere, men det er normal utvikling med tanke på alderen hans. Venstre side er stabil for nå. Så vi fortsetter å bremse utviklinga så godt vi kan med medisin. Ellers skal vi bare fortsette å nyte våre små gåturer og kosestunder, og prøve å ikke bekymre oss så mye for framtida❤️👍🐶😍❤️
Another appointment at the Vet is over, and Bamse's heartcondition is slowly getting worse, but his Vet says it is normal for his age (10). We are going to continue his medication, which helps slowing down the process. Besides that we will just enjoy our walks and cuddles and not worry too much about what the future brings❤️🐶😍👍❤️
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