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chapter six

your pov

it was thanksgiving. normally i go downtown to watch the parade, but now that i live 1,000 miles away i can’t really do such a thing.
i laid on the couch watching the parade when my mom walked in.
“since we’re not going any where today, we invited the neighbors over for dinner. they’ll be here at 4 so clean up before then.” i rolled my eyes.
it was only 12ish.
she walked away, and i thought to myself.
“who doesn’t spend thanksgiving with their family?” then i remembered.
my grandpa and grandmother had passed away recently.
i was super close with my grandma and this would be my first thanksgiving without her, because we would fly them out every year.
i quickly slid on my shoes and drove off toward the cemetery.
i was wearing pjs, but i didn’t care.
i walked around for an hour trying to find their graves, and i finally found them.
it made me cry.
i sat on the grave, crying.
for what felt like forever, i finally got out what i wanted to say.
“hey grandma, hey gramps, i miss you guys. it’s been a while without you two and every time i think of you, i can’t help but smile.
happy thanksgiving.” i mumbled, crying harder.
i checked my apple watch.
it was just about 2:30.
the drive here was 30 minutes and the drive back was another. I just didn’t want to leave.
i sat there, thinking of all the times i spent with them, then my mom called.
“carter, honey you got to come home soon.” said my mom.
“please let me stay a bit longer!” i said, as the sky dimmed.
“honey it’s 3:45, the neighbors are here.” “i’ll be home in an hour, please!” i almost screamed.
my mom agreed, and i sat as the sunset came and i became cold.
i couldn’t leave.
“hey.” someone said sitting next to me.
i looked up.
it was grayson.
i quickly wiped my red, puffy eyes.
“what are you doing here?” i said sniffling.
“your mom sent me and ethan here to get you.”
i teared up again.
“i’m sorry for making you drive this way, but i really just need alone time.” “no carter, you don’t need alone time. you need someone to be here for you and that’s why i’m here.” he said putting his arm around me.
i looked at him.
“why are you being so nice to me?” i asked.

by Princess Jackson (@addicting.dolan)

Day 4:
Erhan makes me laugh so hard. I could Imagine him being my bestie ot more 😏 😂 . When I realized that I am older than the Dolan Twins I couldn't belive ut. ( birthday: 06.05.1999). Ethan is so handsome and so cute. I love how he dye his hair in different colors. It looks so good in him expecially red looks so sexy.



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Gray bear dying his hair back brown I love him with or without blonde but I think a lot of us loved his brown hair ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️#love #lover #hair #dyinghair #loveforthedolans #lovegray #graysonsbrownhair #grayson #ethan #dolan #dolantwins #ethanlover #❤️

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