I am Oberon the dachshund (@iamoberon)

Dad got up so mumma could finish her lie in. Here's me having my other sleep, on his head heh heh heh heh #iamoberon #wienerdog #doxie #minidachshund #sausagedog #sleepingbeauty

Shari Martino (@dmvbarbie2)

And then there is the green-eyed dragon of jealousy! #doxie #doxi #doxilove #mybooboo #doxieloveknowsnodistance

Dobby the Mini Dachshund (@dobby.dash)

🚫 no privacy 🚫 🙊 I'm strictly not allowed in the bathrooms when mum is cleaning them because I run off with everything 🙄🤓 I try to tell her I'm incorporating her daily exercise into the regime because she has to chase me, but I don't think she's convinced 🙊🙊🙊

Milkshakes (@milkshakes_the_dachshund)

Been a big couple of days! Happy to share a nap with my new buddy Sal-lambi