Brucie Bruzer 🐾 (@bruce_the_sausage15)

When you realise someone's about to take a picture 😎💙📷

Millie 💙 (@millie_the_dachshund)

Must. Fight. Sleep. 😴

Rocky Dachshund 08/02/12 NY (@zhannakors)

I don't like the photo shutting 🐕

Crash the Dog (@crash.thedog)

I call myself: Still Life in the Sun. So arty. #workingonmytan #sunbath #sosleepy

Free Spirit Pups ©️ (@free.spirit.pups)

Those who know me were probably expecting this! 🤘🏼😂 This one is a nod to one of the greats... NIRVANA! Introducing the "Here we are now, entertain us!" bandana! 🍿🎬 This one is made of snuggle flannel too! Super soft and cozy!

Hans+Karl (@hans.and.karl)

Don't go out of town without me, Hooman! Take me to Los Angeles with you! ✈️🌞🌸