Jahangir Alam (@alamjahangir)

When you are almost convinced that you have reached a dead-end, there is always a narrow pathway that would lead you to a expressway.#hardtimes#stuggling#goodtimewillcomesoon #bepatient#doyourbest#goodthingwillhappen#soonorlater💪#togetherisbetter#bettertomorrow

✌🏽️JESSICA LANYADOO 💎 (@jessica_lanyadoo)

🔐When you break out of your family trance patterns and step away from the legacy of shit that you come from, you can have new, healthier problems. .
Doing the right thing and being kind assures you of nothing. You can do everything right and things can still go wrong, because life is not symmetrical. Act to be in integrity with your own self - not to force any particular outcome.
There aren't always external rewards for a job well done. .
Upgrade your issues, my love. 👑
. 😆 RP @mothershipfest

Maria Tkachyova (@masha_bird_mary)

#50steps_to_myself Step 3: #dowhatyoulove #lovewhatyoudo and #doyourbest even if you keep thinking it's not exactly where you should probably be🙄 I DO love teaching, I DO love my job but the never-leaving-me idea of #ishouldbesomewhereelse just keeps distracting me from enjoying it to the fullest and doing the best I can where I am...which is so not right, and which I'm trying to change🙃 that's MY life and I want to embrace EACH and EVERY moment of it and take the most I can where I am: give, take, learn, share and move on a different person, a better one☺️😘 ****************************
#50шагов_к_себе Шаг 3: люби то, что делаешь; делай то, что любишь; и делай это максимально хорошо, даже если тебе кажется, что ты-таки не там, где должен быть😆 Я ОЧЕНЬ люблю преподавать и ОЧЕНЬ люблю свою работу, но вот это вечно жужжащее над ухом #чтотонето #чтотонетак ну оооооочень мешает наслаждаться ими на все 100, и выкладываться на все 100. Не нравится мне это😆 Это МОЯ жизнь, и я хочу наслаждаться каждой-прекаждой её минутой, и получать от неё по-максимуму, где бы я ни была. Давать, получать, учиться, делиться... И с каждым днём становиться другой🙃 лучше, ясное дело😃 Айда вершить великие дела!🤗 #justthoughts #lovemyjob #happyme #streamline #мысливслух #люблюсвоюработу #счасливаяя

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Ralph Mazzuoccolo (@sweatlifedynasty)

Day 11/56: Chest, Shoulders & Tri’s. “Operation Sweet Potato 🍠 Casserole” is upon us so had to get it in early 🙌🏼👍👏. Happy Thanksgiving!!

As we take this day to be grateful for what we have, I came across this quote this morning: “Gratitude turns what we have into enough.” DAMN that’s good and puts everything in PERSPECTIVE.

BUT what if we weren’t just grateful today and took 2-3 mins every morning to reflect. For the last 6 months I’ve doing the Miracle Morning. One of the sections is on gratitude where I take a couple of minutes to write:
✔️3 things I’m Grateful for
✔️3 things I want to happen today
✔️3 things that happened great yesterday

Try it out for yourself and see what happens for 10 days. It may not be a drastic change but definitely puts things into perspective.

POWERclub FLORIPA - LAGOA (@powerclubacademia)

É isso mesmo! 50% de desconto na primeira mensalidade + taxa de adesão OFF. Somente amanhã 24/11/17 😱
Válido também para renovações.

#powerclubacademia #blackfridaypower #blackfriday #gym #taxazerodeadesao #training #workout #vemprapower #DoYourBest #floripa #lagoadaconceicao


🦃Happy Turkey Trot Day, 🦃
🦃Happy Thanksgiving,🦃
💜😘And Happy Anniversary💜😘 We have SO much to be thankful for, not just today, but everyday. I wouldn’t want to do life with any other guy. Thanks for always being by my side and loving me even on my difficult days. 😍 🏃‍♀️Race day was a success. My Nike run app was slightly off from their mile markers, but either way I still beat my last race time...by at least 5 minutes!! Now to make our feast.